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Carpet and upholstery cleaning: five stubborn stains

Ballpoint pen, blood, red wine, animal stains and candle wax – find out how to remove these tough stains from carpet and upholstery with cleaning tips from Advanced Clean's John Kilkenny.

As we all know, most accidents occur in the home and ones involving red wine, candlewax, blood, ballpoint pen and animals can leave nasty stains. A speedy response can help contain the damage and even if you can't get rid of it yourself, it will take the worst away before a local, Which? endorsed carpet cleaner can give your carpets or upholstery a thorough clean. Here are our top 5 stain removal recommendations:

1. Red wine stains: how to remove them from carpet or upholstery

  • Act immediately. Blot up as much as possible.

  • Rinse with cold water, don’t soak.

  • Blot away moisture and apply carpet shampoo following the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Dry thoroughly.

2. Blood stains: how to remove them from carpet or upholstery

  • Soak up as much as possible immediately, without letting it dry.

  • Soak with cold water using a spray bottle or a clean cloth.

  • Blot with paper towel or tissues.

  • Apply a carpet shampoo, following the manufacturer's instructions and dry thoroughly.

3. Candle wax stains: how to remove them from carpet or upholstery

  • Put ice cubes on the spill.

  • Once cold, the wax can be picked away.

  • Melt any residue with a warm iron over kitchen towel until no more is lifted onto the paper.

  • Dab with methylated spirit on a piece of towelling and sponge with diluted carpet shampoo.

  • Blot with water to rinse, then blot dry.

4. Ballpoint pen stains: how to remove them from carpet or upholstery

  • Blot lightly with a small amount of methylated spirit on a piece of towelling. Beware fire risk.

5. Animal stains: how to remove them from carpet and upholstery

  • Blot urine to absorb as much as possible.

  • Use diluted carpet shampoo to blot the stain, without soaking the carpet heavily.

  • If the stain persists, loosen it with a solution of one part white distilled vinegar to three parts water and blot dry.

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