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Cost guide: burglar alarm and security

Find out how to save money on burglar alarm fitting and servicing, CCTV installation and security floodlighting.

Job: burglar alarm service

What adds expense?

“Delaying an annual service of the burglar alarm often leads to problems with electrical components,” explains Paul Hopwood from Oldham-based Hopwood Security Systems. “This can result in additional and unnecessary costs.”

How can I make it cheaper?

“Have your security system serviced annually to avoid costly problems,” says Paul. “Also, look for a security system company that offers free call-outs as part of the service package.”

Changing the batteries regularly will help to keep the system in better condition and ensure back up in the event of a power-cut.

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Job: installation of a wireless burglar alarm system

What adds expense?

“Many companies quote per sensor,” says Paul. “Having more sensors than necessary will increase the cost.”

How can I make it cheaper?

“Ask your burglar alarm contractor whether it’s possible to integrate some of the existing wired system into a new wireless system,” suggests Paul.

A wireless security system is great for a clean, reliable and tidy installation with no visible wiring around the home and without interference from other radio transmissions.”

Job: installation of a security floodlight

What adds expense?

Paul says: “It’s important to give thought to the right location and position so that the desired area is illuminated by the light. Getting it wrong might mean a longer job or an unnecessary call-out to adjust the floodlight location or position.”

How can I make it cheaper?

“Avoid an old, energy-guzzling floodlight as it adds to your electricity bill,” says Paul. “Instead, choose a modern, LED floodlight which will be much more energy efficient.”

Investing in LED lights means you have to replace them much less frequently.

Job: CCTV installation

What adds expense?

“A job will be longer than it needs to be if the specification and location of the equipment have to change halfway through the installation,” says Paul. “This adds cost to the job.”

How can I make it cheaper?

“Do your own assessment of the area before you engage a security system contractor,” suggests Paul. “Consider how to make the best use of space and equipment – could a single wide-angled camera cover a large area, for example?”

Purchase a digital video recorder (DVR) unit with extra channels and an adequate hard drive so that extra cameras can be added later.

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