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Cost guide: interior designers

Transforming your home doesn’t have to cost the earth. Simply avoid expensive materials and unnecessary embellishments for a functional and attractive finish. We asked an interior designer for useful tips on minimising the cost of transforming your home.

Design a scheme for a master bedroom

Type of job

Creating a dream bedroom design scheme within budget.

What adds expense?

“High end designer fabrics and flooring or bespoke materials add to the cost of a design,” says Katy Ellis, an interior designer and Which? Trusted trader based in south London.

How can I make it cheaper?

“Mixing ‘high end’ with ‘high street’ can save lots of money without a significant impact on the overall scheme,” says Katy.

“Agree a fixed price for the design scheme and consider using the interior designer for sourcing and project managing too,” suggests Katy. “They’ll have access to trade prices and plenty of experience of getting the job done in a quick and efficient fashion.”


Create a space for everything. Then, keep everything in its designated place to maximise the available space in the room and enjoy a happy home.

Window dressing

Type of job

Using curtains to achieve privacy while maintaining the room’s natural light.

What adds expense?

“When it comes to window dressing, trimmings can add to the cost,” says Katy. Steer clear of embellishments to avoid unexpected expense.

How can I make it cheaper?

“If you’re using a made-to-measure curtain professional to make the curtains, they’ll do a great job with inexpensive fabric, provided that it drapes well,” says Katy.


It’s worth having your curtains fitted by professionals as they will work around your window structure for an attractive finish.

New flooring

Choosing and installing new flooring in a modern flat.

What adds expense?

“Bespoke flooring often causes costs to rocket,” says Katy. “Ask your interior designer about alternatives in order to achieve a similar look.”

How can I make it cheaper?

Could you use the same material in another room? “The more you order, the better the price per square metre,” says Katy.

“Also, use a company that gives you a fixed price for everything – materials and fitting.”

Don’t make rash decisions about flooring because, to a certain degree, the style and appearance of your home is determined by your choice. Ask your designer for help.

Dress a living room

Type of job

Sourcing and adding furniture, soft furnishings and accessories to a living room.

What adds expense?

Katy says: “Resist the temptation to change absolutely everything in the living room. Instead, work around existing materials and only change the items that will have a big impact on the overall scheme.”

How can I make it cheaper?

“Accessories!” says Katy. “They don’t cost much but can completely transform a room.”

She recommends "When it comes to transforming a living room, cushion covers and rugs are a great place to start. If you get bored of the colour or design, they’re relatively inexpensive to change."


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