Mobility Plus installers have passed the assessment to join our Approved Service scheme.

Mobility Plus is part of the Mobility Group, which designs and installs bathrooms for customers who have trouble accessing and using traditional baths or showers, including elderly and disabled people.

The work often involves removing an existing bath or shower and replacing it with a low-level-access shower, enclosure or walk-in bath.

Giving customers confidence

A Mobility Plus bathroom and the Which? Trusted Traders Approved Service logo

The company serves some of the UK’s more vulnerable customers, and compliance director Paul Townsend said the accreditation would help to reassure people using its services.

‘We’re really proud that our installation service has passed the assessment,’ he told us. ‘Teaming up with Which? Trusted Traders can give our customers confidence that we put their interests at the heart of what we do.’

As with all Which? Trusted Traders’ partnerships with retailers, we don’t endorse the products themselves.

Instead, the installation side of the business has been through our rigorous assessment process to ensure it complies with the Which? Trusted Traders Code of Conduct, and that all business processes and procedures are compliant with current regulations.

Under a magnifying glass

The company welcomed the assessment and ongoing vetting of the installation service, as well as the regular meetings and contact with Which? Trusted Traders.

Paul Townsend explained that he sees it as the company’s processes being examined ‘with a magnifying glass’, providing an opportunity to show consumers that it operates fairly and has the backup of an alternative dispute-resolution service.

Raj Kakar-Clayton, managing director of Which? Trusted Traders, said: ‘We’re delighted to be able to endorse the installation service provided by Mobility Plus, making it one of our endorsed services.

‘It’s great news that Which? Trusted Traders can help to provide reassurance to customers in their choices.’

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