A recent survey of 2,000 people conducted by JJ Roofing Supplies found that over 70% of people have at least two outstanding DIY tasks to take care of, with almost 20% having six or more. And that's not including the unexpected jobs that frequently arise round the home. It can be tough to take time off to relax.

Which? Trusted Traders have accredited tradespeople working in your area, if you want to have a break and forget about the DIY.

The top 10 areas waiting for attention are:

  1. Stained Walls
  2. Stained Carpet
  3. Torn wallpaper
  4. Squeaky floorboards
  5. Flaking wall paint
  6. Cracked tiles
  7. Broken garden shed
  8. Broken kitchen cupboard
  9. Broken loo seat
  10. Blocked sink plug hole

DIY Disasters

Although some people say they enjoy doing DIY, it can be bad for relationships. Almost half 50% of people said that they had ended up in an argument with their partner about DIY tasks. Not only that, it can be bad for your health – 9% of people have needed medical help as a result of their DIY activity.

While most people are happy to change lightbulbs or mow the lawn, some jobs are definitely best left to the professionals. Over 10% of respondents had experienced a burst pipe or flooding after attempting their own plumbing.  

‘Having a go yourself can end up costing a lot of money in the long run – what might be a small problem for a professional, might not be for you,’ says Kris Barry from Absolute Bristol plumbers. He told us that calls from DIYers made up a large part of his business. ‘I’ve already had a call this evening, where a customer tried to sort out their U-bend themselves. They now can’t use their kitchen sink because they took it off themselves and it has broken.’

It gets worse. He told us ‘another time a lady decided to disconnect the trap on her bath to try and clean it out. She couldn’t get it back on again, and had a bath full of water because she was in the middle of cleaning her bathroom. So when she went to let the water go, it was going through the ceiling … and there was a load of damage to the house.’

And it’s not just the plumbing that can end in disaster. Over 10% of respondents had managed to break light fixtures while trying to fix them. Chris Gordon from Electricians in Reading told us they get a lot of emergency call outs from people who drill through wires when they are trying to put up pictures.

Happily, most people have never experienced a DIY disaster – but maybe that’s because over 70% of people are prepared to pay a professional to take on those tasks.  Go on, show you care – let someone else take the strain.

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