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What does a handyman do?

According to the dictionary definition, a handyman is someone who is “skilful with the use of one’s hands” and “convenient, nearby, or easily reached”. What does that mean in reality? Here's our guide to what you can expect a handyman to do for you.

When you have a job that needs doing that requires someone with a variety of manual skills, who is available on short notice, you need a handyman.

But what exactly does, or can, a handyman do? Obviously, this will vary from individual to individual, but as a general rule, a handyman can complete the following tasks:

Hanging – Although they might seem simple, hanging paintings, mirrors, TVs, and other heavy objects can be difficult if you aren’t quite sure what you’re doing. And, let’s face it, many of us simply don’t have the time or the inclination to do it ourselves! A handyman can take care of all of these hanging tasks for you, and will be familiar with the tools and materials needed to ensure that they will stay firmly in place.

Painting – Handymen are typically skilful painters who are more than capable of painting a room. So if you have a painting job that you don’t feel warrants a professional painter, a handyman could be your first port of call.

Cleaning – Of course, it’s probably not in your handyman’s remit to clean your house for you, but there are many external cleaning jobs that might require the skills of a handyman, including cleaning your driveway, pathway, or patio.

Gardening – If you need help with some general gardening tasks but don’t feel that they require a professional gardener, a handyman can probably help you out.

Carpentry – A handyman can usually take care of all manner of small carpentry jobs, including hanging shelves or fitting doors.

Kit and flatpack installation – These days, so much of our furniture is supplied in flatpack form and it can be difficult, time consuming, and not to mention frustrating to assemble them, but a handyman will have the skills (and patience!) needed to build your new purchase in no time at all.

Although a handyman has the knowledge, skills, and tools to complete a wide range of tasks, there are certain jobs that must be carried out be a qualified tradesman, including:

Plumbing – the majority of plumbing jobs should be completed by a qualified plumbing professional

Electricity – Electrical wiring and other specialist electrical work should be carried out by an approved electrician

Gas – Gas works should only ever be completed by a Gas Safe Engineer

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