If your boiler breaks down

Rule one with boilers, or any other gas appliance is don’t try and fix it yourself. 

The South London Heating Ltd team suggest that you 'check to see if the boiler has an error number on it (on a digital screen). If it does, note down the number then switch off the boiler.'

The next step is to call your installer or maintenance engineer and explain your problem - tell them the make, model and error number (if you've got one). They’ll take you through any obvious steps to rectify or confirm the issue.'

If you need to find a boiler engineer or Gas Safe central-heating specialist, use our straightforward search to find one with Which? Trusted Traders.

See our article on servicing checks and common problems for more specific information about gas combi boilers. Read on for more about what to do when your boiler breaks down.

Once you’ve identified the problem, check your documentation to see if the boiler is still under warranty.

If your boiler is in warranty

If it is, the best course of action is to call the boiler manufacturer immediately and arrange for a repair appointment, as any work done on the boiler by other boiler engineers will compromise the warranty. Your heating services company should be able to arrange the appointment for you.

If your boiler requires a replacement part, always ask for a quote on parts and labour first, before agreeing to the repair work, as boiler part replacements can prove expensive.

South London Heating Ltd's top tip is: 'If your boiler is old, you should consider replacing it. There are some cost-effective 10 year warranty deals offered by manufacturers, which would protect you from repair bills for the next 10 years. This could prove cheaper in the long run than repairing an existing older boiler.'  

If your boiler is out of warranty

If your boiler is out of warranty, Thea suggests that you should 'arrange for a repair appointment with your installer or maintenance engineer as soon as possible. Remember, only use Gas Safe Registered engineers.' You can find a suitably qualified heating engineer with Which? Trusted Traders

Get your boiler serviced annually

We all know that prevention is better than cure, and this definitely applies to your boiler. The team at South London Heating Ltd advise that you 'always ensure that your boiler is serviced annually, to ensure optimum performance as well as the validity of the boiler manufacturer’s warranty.'

So, if your boiler breaks down – call in the experts and they will help you to establish the best and most cost effective options for repair.

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