The Which? Trusted trader of the month award, started life as a social media based competition, to see which trader on the scheme could promote their work and their engagement most effectively online. However, over time as the scheme and the trader of the month award has grown, the scope has changed.

As a result, from December 2017, we’ve updated the terms and conditions of the competition to more accurately reflect the process. You can find more details in this article about the Which? Trusted trader of the month process, which fully explains what your business needs to do to win the award.

Basic criteria

In short, you need to know - there is a set of basic criteria that you must fulfil to stand a chance of winning. You must:

  • have been endorsed for six months or more
  • have at least five reviews on your profile
  • be fully compliant with the scheme
  • have completed all your endorsement actions
  • not have any outstanding consumer complaints against you
  • have responded to any negative reviews (and ideally positive ones too)
  • be up to date with any payments to Which? Trusted Traders
  • not have already won within the previous 12 months
  • demonstrate your use of the Which? Trusted Traders logo
  • have completed as much as possible of your profile page

Desirable criteria

In addition to the basic criteria, the Which? Trusted Traders team will be looking for traders that can show they’ve gone above and beyond the high standards that we expect as a matter of course.

This could take the form of high numbers of great reviews on your Which? Trusted Traders profile. It might be work with the community or charity work. It could be social media engagement or a campaign to somehow create a ‘wow’ factor that sets you apart from the rest.

We’ve given you some ideas – but it’s really up to you. It’s always worth looking at the past Which? Trusted trader of the month winners to see why they’ve made the grade – it might inspire you and your business.

For all the details and the new terms and conditions, take a look at our updated article about the Which? Trusted trader of the month process.

Why do I want to win Which? Trusted trader of the month?

At its simplest – winning the monthly award is good PR for you and your business. Many of our winning traders have used the award to promote their business in local newspapers, and in some cases they’ve told us that it has significantly boosted their business.

All the winners of the Which? Trusted trader of the month get an article on the website celebrating their success, which also gets sent out in the email to all traders on the scheme. Monthly winners are also put on the longlist for the annual Trader of the Year award, that is part of the Which? awards held in London every year.

If you meet the criteria, your business will be automatically entered unless you tell us you don’t want to be. Best of luck!

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