Your profile on Which? Trusted Traders lets potential customers know how good you are and what you can do. Consumers want to find traders in their area, for specific services. We look at how to ensure you’ve got the right information in place to allow them to find you.

Get the basics right

Customers will search by geographic location, so step one is to tell customers where you work. Enter your location and complete the ‘View coverage areas on a map’ tab so that your profile appears in as many search queries as possible. You can choose up to ten different towns, postcodes and counties.

Be precise about the areas you cover, particularly in big cities. It’s best to enter specific postcodes or boroughs, such as Westminster or W1 for example.

Entering ‘London’ as your coverage area in this example could be misleading, unless you actually operate throughout every London borough. It could result in potential customers contacting you from outside your area, which wastes both your and their time.

Complete your contact details

Click on the two pencils to complete your contact details. Including your business name, address, phone number and email all helps customers reach your business easily.

Click on the third pencil to upload service hours (times you’re available). This helps consumers know when they can reach you.

You can also upload your business logo.

What I do

The ‘What I do’ section helps boost your search rankings and get your profile noticed by customers.

You can add up to six categories that describe what your business does.

Once again, you need to be accurate here. Ensure the category and services you list are correct. Listing multiple services that you don’t fully offer doesn’t improve your profile, and could result in calls from customers you can’t actually help. That creates a negative experience for both you and the customer. If you need to edit this section further, contact your account manager who will be able to help.

The ‘About’ section

Completing the ‘About’ section helps boost your profile in the internal search. It’s also your chance to personalise your page.

Let potential customers know about your business, what you can offer, your company history, any awards or other selling points you think are relevant here.

For more details, see our guide to making the most of the search function on Which? Trusted Traders.

The ‘My work’ section

Adding images under the ‘My work’ section will really bring your business profile to life and give potential clients an idea of what they might be able to expect from you when commissioning a project.

Think about including your business premises or your van, so you look friendly and professional. Describe the services you offer and add reviews of your work. This really sets you apart from other traders and gives consumers a detailed feel of how you work and what you can do for them.

Why not also post photos of jobs you’ve completed, with before and after snaps, to help potential clients get a flavour of your work?


If you have populated all of the above then your profile should be looking smart and fully optimised. Hopefully you’ll get some reviews in from happy clients. If you find the reviews have been slow coming in, why not ask your past and current clients to post a review under your profile?

You can use the paper review forms or get them to fill in a review online. Check our tips on how to get your customers to leave reviews on your profile for more ideas.

If you need any further assistance or advice on how to make the most of your profile and visibility to consumers, please call our Relationship Management team on 0117 456 6032.

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