Getting reviews on your Trusted Trader profile is important for your business, as it’s a key way of showing customers you’re good at your trade.

Potential customers use reviews to help them make decisions about contacting and hiring a trader. The more reviews you have, the more reassurance it gives them about your services.

We’ve surveyed traders and customers to find out the best ways of bringing in more reviews.

Don’t yet have a profile? Become a Which? Trusted Trader and you get a profile on our website where you can showcase your business and customer reviews.

1. Make a positive impression on your customers

After surveying nearly 4,000 people*, we found that the most popular reason for reviewing a trader was receiving very good service.

44% of those we asked said it was the one thing that would most encourage them to leave a review.

2. Remind customers to leave a review

It can be easy for customers to forget to write about you once you’ve finished working for them, but you can give them a little nudge.

The most successful technique for encouraging people to leave reviews (according to 49% of traders we surveyed**) was asking in person at the end of the job.

Leaving our review reminder cards or sending an email about it were also very popular methods with the traders we asked.

3. Build it into your working processes

Talking about Which? Trusted Traders during the customer journey can help them to understand how the scheme works and why customer reviews are an important part of it.

When you're working in their home, you can explain the review process and show customers what they need to do if they want to leave a review.

4. Motivate your staff to ask for reviews

Steve McGovern from Propergeeks told us his company uses customer reviews as a measure of staff performance.

‘There’s no pressure put on the customers,’ said Steve. ‘It was really just to give staff a reason to do it. Before we introduced the incentive, staff weren’t doing it because there was no real motivation for them.’

How can customers leave a review?

There are two ways customers can review you:

  • on our website (they don’t have to create an account or log in)
  • by calling us on 0117 456 6031.

All customers have to do is find your profile on our site. You can send them a link directly to your profile, or they can search for you using the ‘Leave a review’ link in the top-right corner of the home page.

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*Survey of 3,885 Which? Members in April 2019
**Survey of 225 Which? Trusted Traders in April 2019