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How to login to your profile account

Once you’re a Which? Trusted trader, we’ll send you your account login details. We explain how this works

Congratulations - you're a Which? Trusted trader. You have your own profile page on the Which? Trusted Traders site, which you can fill in to let potential customers know all about you and your business. You can access your profile account from the home page, on the ‘log in to edit your profile’ button, that you can see in the bottom right here.


Alternatively, you can press the ‘For Traders’ button on the home page, to take you through to the trader home page and press the ‘Log In’ button on the top right of the navigation – as you can see below.


Either of these log in methods will take you to the central Which? log in page that looks like this:

You enter your email address or username in the top box and your password in the lower box. This will log you into your Which? Trusted trader profile as well as giving you access to all the information available to Which? members on the main which.co.uk site.


After you hit the blue Log In button, you will be taken directly to your profile page, which will look something like this:

You can add your details to your profile, edit it or navigate to other areas of the site to look through the information and advice on Which? Trusted Traders and on the rest of which.co.uk.

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