Thousands of people search on our website every month, either to find traders in their area or to check that a trader is endorsed by us.

To make sure it’s quick and easy for them to find you, here’s what you need to do.

Don’t have a profile yet? Become a Which? Trusted Trader and you get a profile on our website where you can showcase your business and customer.

1. Ensure the ‘service categories’ on your profile are correct

You can list the job titles and skills that customers will be looking for on your profile. This is essential to make sure your profile shows up in searches on our website.

Make sure that these are accurate and that you keep them up to date to avoid getting customer calls about services you can’t provide.

Contact your Which? Trusted Traders sales representative on 0117 456 6032 to add the service categories that are relevant to your business.

2. Be specific about the geographical areas you cover

Screengrab of the 'service locations' section of the Trusted Trader profile

On your profile, you can add the different ‘service locations’ that your business operates in.

It’s best to be as accurate and specific as possible, as customers want to find traders who are local to them. Listing ‘south London’ or ‘Cheshire’, for example, can be too broad, unless you genuinely cover the whole area.

Instead, add the specific towns, postcodes, boroughs or regions that you work in.

3. Use customer-friendly language in the ‘About’ section

Although you’re an expert in your field, remember that your customers may not know much about the subject or understand the technical language you’d normally use.

So it’s best to use everyday terms in the ‘About’ section for the benefit of people reading your profile and looking to see if you’re the right fit for the job.

Think about the terms that members of the public would be more familiar with and more likely to search for. For example, if your customer needs help with damp, they’re more likely to look for ‘damp’ or ‘damp-proofing’ than specifics such as ‘tanking’ or ‘membrane’.

4. Fill out your profile as completely as possible

Your profile page is an online shop window. Potential customers might decide whether or not to give you a call based on what they see here, so make sure it gives a good impression.

Add photos of you, your work and your business that make you appear approachable and professional.

Think about what a customer might want to know, such as who you are, your specialist areas of skill or knowledge, your experience, and anything that makes your business stand out (such as winning Trader of the Month).

Can you share information about how you work? Or give the name of who will answer the phone when customers call? The more information customers have about you and your business, the easier it is for them to make a choice.

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