1) To be eligible to take up this promotion, an applicant must:

  1. be a current member of NICEIC/ELECSA
  2. have 39 or less employees employed by their business;
  3. provide consent to allow Certsure to supply the applicant’s original Certsure assessment report and supporting documents to Which? Trusted Traders (WTT).

2) The promotion expires on midday on 31st December 2020 (the Closing Date), unless otherwise specified by WTT.

3) Eligible applicants wishing to take up the offer must apply to be assessed by calling 0117 456 6032 before the Closing Date.

4) The WTT assessment process includes a telephone assessment from a Trading Standards assessor. As part of the assessment process WTT will review the eligible applicant’s original Certsure assessment report, business documentation, business practices, complaints handling processes, and a selection of customer references. They will also undertake a credit report on the eligible applicant’s business. For further details of the WTT assessment process, please call 0117 456 6032.

5) The applicant will receive a free application if their business has less than 39 employees.

6) If any services other than Electrical installations are offered by the applicant (i.e. boiler installation), then a face-to-face assessment will be required, which will be free of charge.

7) WTT reserves the right to carry out a face to face assessment on any applicant if, for any reason, our assessor feels this is required following a telephone assessment. In these circumstances we may reserve the right to retain the application fee.

8) If an eligible applicant passes the WTT assessment process they will be entitled to 50% off the standard WTT membership rates that apply for the first six months of their membership, providing they remain a member of the Certsure. If an eligible applicant ceases to be an Certsure member, the discounted rate will cease to apply from the date the eligible applicant ceased to be a Certsure member. Membership fees vary depending on the size of the business. For further details of the current WTT membership rates, please call 0117 456 6032.

9) Membership of the WTT scheme is at all times subject to compliance with all WTT scheme terms and conditions, (including the WTT Code of Conduct), and payment of applicable fees.

10) WTT may refuse to accept any application at its absolute and sole discretion.

11) This promotion may be discontinued at any time by WTT.

12) By applying, all eligible applicants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and WTT will exclude any applicants for any breach of these terms and conditions.

13) WTT will only process your personal information as set out in its privacy policy.