How many trades are involved in construction work? Plumbers, electricians, builders, roofers, carpenters, bricklayers, designers, painters and decorators… the list goes on. No one can complete the job alone - it’s all about the team.

Customers will often ask a trader they trust to recommend another business or professional when they have a further job that needs doing. Building a network of great traders you can recommend is good for your business - and it could be good for us too.

Trader Get Trader is a programme where you can recommend other reliable and hard-working traders to the Which? Trusted Traders scheme. We help get them up to scratch through our rigorous assessment process so you can feel safe recommending them to your customers.

And what’s more, if they get endorsed successfully, we’ll award you a £200 Amazon voucher.

Building trust through Which? Trusted Traders

One trader who did just that is Howard Edwards from Howard Edwards Garden and Grounds Maintenance. Howard said ‘Every time I go to see a job that’s through Which? Trusted Traders there’s a sense of trust. The customers already know that we’ve been vetted and the barriers come down.’

That trust then extends to customers asking Howard for recommendations. His work has overlapped with WCL Estates, a landscaping company, and Arbor Tree Specialists. So he had seen their work first-hand and knew their customers were happy. As a result he felt confident about recommending the two firms to Which? Trusted Traders and both successfully gained accreditation.

Recommend a business you rate highly

Two recommendations may seem like a lot but Chris Barker from Connect Electric has recommended no less than five other businesses, each of which have all subsequently made the grade and become Which? Trusted traders.

Chris told us that his record-breaking number of recommendations came about partly because he’s a member of an existing networking group. He was familiar with the traders and companies he recommended and confident that they shared the high-standards and values of Which? Trusted Traders.

‘I’d already mentioned in my presentation to the group that I’d been accredited by Which? Trusted Traders,’ said Chris, ‘and how it had been good for my business, and was bringing in quality leads and referrals. They saw how it was working for me and were open to the idea.

I told them how helpful the assessors were when they came round. If you’re doing something wrong, they’ll help you make it better.’

One of the major benefits for Chris and his fellow traders is that this has reinforced their network in Bury where they are all based. They can all recommend each other in the full confidence that they are a group of Which? Trusted traders.

How to join Trader Get Trader

If you want to recommend a business through Trader Get Trader you just need to fill in the form and we’ll do the rest.