Our top tips on making the most of paper review forms

As well as being able to submit your reviews online, we also offer paper reviews forms. The review forms are printed up and the postage paid for, so all customers need to do is fill them out and put them in the post.

Our research suggests that customers tend to give better, more detailed reviews when you leave a card with them to fill in at their leisure. The more reviews on your profile, the more attractive you’ll appear to prospective customers.

When they get back to us, all reviews go through the moderation process. Those that check out successfully will be put on your profile. We aim to complete this process within 21 days of receiving the review from your customer, although in exceptional circumstances it can take longer.

How to use paper review forms

Ensure your business details are printed on the cards. If they’re not, call your account manager or email us at trustedtraders.which.co.uk and we’ll send you some new ones printed up with all the correct details.

Hand the paper review forms to all of your customers at the end of a job. Maybe hand them over at the same time as giving customers your invoice. The more customers you give the review forms to, the higher the chance of us getting them back! Even if your customer didn't find you on the Which? Trusted Traders website, they can still review your service and we'll add it to your profile. 

Advise customers they must fill in their personal details 

It is essential that customers fill out their personal details, particularly their email address for us to be able to check that theirs is a genuine review. This part is really important! If we do not have an email address for the customer then we will not be able to accept the review.

If we find that that the review is not authentic i.e. submitted by, or on behalf of, the trader then it will be rejected outright by the moderation team (see terms and conditions).

Encourage high quality reviews

We know that consumers value good quality reviews. The more detail that each review contains, the more prospective customers reading it will know about your work. So do encourage your customers to go into as much depth as they can when writing a review for your services.

Often customers will write a more detailed review if they are left to complete the card in their own time.

If you run out, let us know

If you run out of paper review forms, be sure to let us know. Give the Which? Trusted Traders team a call or email your account manager, and we’ll arrange for a new batch to be sent out to you.

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