Which? Trusted Traders was set up to recognise those traders that provide a high standard of service to their customers, treat them fairly and have all the correct processes and procedures in place. Most Which? Trusted Traders are individuals or small to medium-sized businesses.

Several large retailers wanted to work with Which? Trusted Traders, to get an endorsement for the services they offer, to provide reassurance to their customers.

Which? Trusted Traders does not endorse the retailers themselves, or their products. Instead, it assesses the services that these retailers provide, such as installation or design, and then endorses the service if they are successful.

Our current retail endorsements are:

  • Carpetright Installation
  • Samsung Installation and Repair
  • Taking Care Personal Alarm Installation
  • EnviroVent Installation 
  • Ideal Heating 

This meant that Which? Trusted Traders needed a distinct ‘Approved Service’ endorsement icon to tell customers exactly what retail service we were endorsing. The ribbon ‘Approved Service’ endorsement logo was designed to have all the information a consumer needs within the logo.

Which? Trusted Traders subjects these large retail installation services to the same standards as our smaller traders, but because they are bigger organisations, the assessment takes much longer. We take more references from customers than during the standard assessment in order to be confident that the companies are providing the correct level of service. We also examine more paperwork.

We need to ensure the companies have the correct processes in place to deal fairly with customers, in the same way as any individual trader. However, the size of the companies, the breadth of their activities and the wide geographical area they cover mean this is all on a larger scale. Rather than taking a few hours, the assessment will take days and will be carried out by our most senior assessors.

Once we are confident that all the paperwork is in place, the team who work on ground will also be assessed. That’s a lot of assessments. It’s equivalent to assessing the manager of a small business, all their staff and all their subcontractors as well.

We need to ensure these individuals understand what their role is within the retailer’s service, and we make some other checks on their creditworthiness and insurance details. On successful completion of the assessment, these individuals do not become Which? Trusted Traders. They are simply part of the endorsed service.

So, if you see the ‘Approved Service’ endorsement logo online, on TV or in a store, you'll know that service has been accredited by Which? Trusted Traders.  

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