It’s a wonderful thing to enjoy your job. According to the World Health Organisation, most of the adult population of the planet spend one third of their adult lives at work. The happier you are at work, the higher your productivity levels are likely to be.

So how do our Which? Trusted traders feel about their jobs? Of course, many have the advantage of working for themselves and, as JB French Heating & Gas’s, Jason French said, ‘It’s simple: I love my job because I am the boss.’

Find out more about why it benefits your business to be a Which? Trusted trader, or read on for more on why our Which? Trusted traders love their jobs.

The Which? Trusted trader difference

For many Which? Trusted traders, loving what they do seems to be about making a difference to their customers.                                    

Proclene’s Craig Haycock said, ‘who wouldn’t love this job? When we clean a dirty carpet or sofa that looks far from its best, and we present the client with the finished results, the look on their face says it all. We’ve delighted a client, amazed them, saved their carpet or sofa, and saved them money as they won't have to replace it. It makes the whole team feel very proud.’

All Moves UK Ltd’s Gordon Rafferty told us he loves ‘meeting new customers and how it's different everyday’.

Cloudy2Clear’s Kirk Williams loves the fact that ‘we are servicing hundreds of customers daily. We know we are giving them a really good professional service, and that they are always happy with their new crystal-clear glass, which gives them their view back.’

Rich McKenzie from the Aerial Man takes a practical view: ‘I love my job because it pays the bills and keeps a roof over my head.’ He also said: ‘I enjoy working with customers. I enjoy being recommended and networking. I love building our company reputation and being part of a continually improving business.’

Professional pride

There’s plenty of professional pride on display from our Which? Trusted traders:

‘It's extremely satisfying to know that my hard work has made us stand out as being different in an industry which ordinarily has an extremely bad reputation.’ said Helen Hopkins from Ploughcroft Ltd.

‘I love my job because we do some complex installs and it provides immense satisfaction,’ said Hutchins Clark Group’s Lee Clark. ‘The look on my customers faces when I have provided an above-and-beyond service is amazing - an achievement as a company.’    

‘Knowing I have done a great job and helped someone - especially when it's an emergency and I have made things safe for them - is what matters to me,’ said  Melvin Parker from Gaswise UK. ‘I also like looking out for feedback from my customers.’

The Gaswise UK team are not the only ones keen on customer feedback:

Justin Bucknell from Justin Bucknell Electrical told us: ‘The thing I love about my job is the anticipation of receiving feedback from customers we've carried work out for. All of the team checks our Which? TT profile page to see what clients have mentioned, it really shows our commitment to quality.'

RSD Electrical Services’ Reece Davis told us, ‘As a Which? Trusted trader I love being asked for my team's participation in large or small projects. It gives me great job satisfaction that significantly outweighs the hours. I love working with my team, as well as other teams from different firms and companies. I enjoy every aspect, from the design, to the quality end product, which ultimately gives me and the customers great satisfaction.’

A team response

The team at Electricians in Reading all had different reasons for loving their jobs. 

Jeff: I love my job because I have a different office every day - one day I’m working on a boat on the Thames, the next I’m in a clinical area wearing a decontamination suit.

Jasmine: I love my job because I get to work with an amazing team of guys.

Phil: I love my job because it’s hands on, and every job is different, which gives me a great deal of variety in my life. Also, Chris is the best boss…#payrise

Mike: I love my job because I enjoy the job satisfaction when all the lights come on.

Shelly: I love my job because the team is welcoming and fun to work with; everyone is relaxed but serious at the same time. Each of us has our own roles and specialities.

With all this commitment on display, there’s no doubt that Which? Trusted traders care about their jobs. But let’s face it, we know you care, because it’s all part of being a Which? Trusted trader.

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