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Read about what our endorsed Traders have to say about the
Which? Trusted Traders scheme below. Find out more and join today.

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Buffalo Driveways Limited

As a proud company we only want the best for our customers and thats everything you stand for, your name say's it all, Trust and protect. Trust is hard earnt, especially within construction as there are still too many rogue traders out their. Wanting to become a Which? Trusted Trader member was everything to us as it puts confidence into not just our customers but all the public who notice we are a member by seeing your logo as it lets them know they will be in safe hands. Our business has benefited massively as we get more leads and customers wanting to go ahead knowing their in safe hands with being a Which? Trusted Traders member. We feel supported by you as your their all the time to help and guide us, you also go out your way to keep intouch. Give us great ideas how to move the company on with amazing advise and lovely staff!

10 Mar 2022
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LVS Garage Services

I wanted Reputable endorsments only for the Business, Which? in my opinion is right up there with the best & would be a fantastic addition. I also wanted a independant body if in a unfortunate incident we had a dispute and Which? provide this. Which? TT also have a clear code of conduct that suited our Business requirements and further displayed a confidence to any client researching my Business. The process was quite rigorous but only sharpened our Pencil so to speak and helps keep it sharp.

02 Mar 2022
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Regal Kitchens Ltd

Which is the most trusted name in the industry and has been for decades, customers know that if a company has been endorsed by which they have a ‘gold standard’ of expectation. A lot of our customers are very discerning and so they value the input and value of Which. Being endorsed by Which helps us to separate ourselves from all local competitors and we feel that we have met their high standards.

22 Feb 2022
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East Anglian Loft Ladders Limited

Which? has a reputation that can be respected and trusted, we as a company wanted to be a part of that. This also gives our customers peace of mind and trust in us that we are a reputable company as we are endorsed by Which? Trusted Traders. The assessment process was very in-depth of which we had a lot of respect for as it truly sets a standard for all Which? Trusted Trader companies. When we passed it felt like a true accomplishment! The Which? endorsement is different as the time has been taken to vet and look into our company to make sure everything is above board. This is important to us as it sets a standard that our customers can respect and trust, whereas other endorsements can be more of a pay and endorse rather than an actual vetting system in place.

22 Feb 2022
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Bumblebee Plumbing & Heating Ltd


Being able to proudly display the Which? Trusted Traders logo is heavily recognised to customers - it is a reassurance that they are dealing with and placing their trust with reputable trades persons. Being associated with trustworthy organisations helps build our brand image. Having the endorsement has helped us win work over competitors. Not only do customers find us directly through the “Find a Trader” section of the website but when we quote against other companies we feel that the fact we are endorsed by Which? is quite often the difference between us getting the job or not.

10 Feb 2022
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Homeshield Coating Ltd (Wall & Roof Coating)

My experience of other schemes on the market is that they are relatively new, and their primary focus as 'selling' customer leads and do not have a particularly robust endorsement verification process, Which? Trusted Traders are the complete opposite. We wanted to join to stand out from the crowd in an industry that can, at times, have a poor reputation. The assessment was thorough, methodical, detailed and professional - and we've got more business since becoming endorsed, particulaly among customers who are Which? members! 

27 Jan 2022
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Access4Lofts Liverpool North


Being part of such a well known endorsement like Which? Is a major selling point for our company. As it is such a vigorous process to be approved, customers know that when they see the logo on our adverts, they are dealing with a trustworthy and reliable trader.

WTT stands out because of the calibre of people accepted on to the scheme and it is recognised nationally by everyone. Having the logo on our vans and uniforms drives us on to continue to be the best at what we do. The brand adds a sense of supremacy to our business and makes us feel great about what we are doing everyday.

24 Jan 2022
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Being a Which? Trusted Trader has been a valuable endorsement for our LazyLawn network. It instils further trust in our services alongside our award-winning products. Having a Which? best buy product alongside our Which? Trusted Trader endorsement gives our customers peace of mind and confidence in their choice. We use the Which? Trusted Trader logo on our vehicles, workwear, quotations and throughout our PR, marketing and advertising, as it has significant value and is a sign of a quality reputation.

06 Jan 2022
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Vantage Windows & Doors Ltd

Which? is an extremely well respected brand and is synonymous with providing consumers with the best possible advice when deciding upon making a purchase. I immediately saw the benefit of becoming a Which? Trusted Trader.When I say that joining Which? Trusted Traders was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made, I am being completely honest. Which? TT’s account for around 40% - 50% of all of our new business. We have customers who contact us from far away to ask that we fit their windows and doors for them. Our reviews on our Which? TT website are so good and have been so consistent for many years, that it compels customers from far and wide to contact us. On many occasions I have been told by these customers that they will only be getting one quote and that’s from us. The hard work that we have put in over the last 10 years brings its own rewards. We ask every customer how they heard about us and out of all of the possible answers Which? is by far the most common response.

23 Nov 2021
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Removals For You

We wanted our customers to be secure in the knowledge that we were a responsible , honest and reliable business. The security of being a Which? Trusted Traders member reassured our customers that they have peace of mind in dealing with us. Our business has benefitted in many ways - business has increased, customer confidence has increased, and team moral has increased all being proud that we are accredited! The main difference between Which? Trusted Traders and other schemes is that we feel Which? Trusted Traders is about our standards and professional attitude, the support is there when needed, it's not about pay the fees and nothing in return - we know we matter as a business, and our business is supported

18 Nov 2021