A Which? Trusted Traders Champion is a trader who has shown to be dedicated to providing their customers with excellent customer service at all times. They go above and beyond to build strong and personalised relationships with customers, offering them the best possible experience. 

Traders with this title are reliable, trustworthy and consistent, and also share the same values as Which?. Champions are fully engaged with their Which? endorsement, and have incorporated it into every aspect of their business. As a result, they are seeing all of the rewards and benefits it has to offer. 

Benefits of becoming a Which? Trusted Traders Champion

There are lots of advantages to becoming a Champion trader, but we've listed just a few:

  • It adds value to your business: By reaching Champion status you'll show that customer satisfaction is at the core of everything you do, and is a number one priority for your business.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Our Champions must all have a proven track record in retaining new and existing customers. You'll find that a lot of your work comes from the recommendation of your existing customers. 
  • Positive reviews and brand image: As a result of your exceptional customer service, your customers are more than willing to leave you a glowing review, which gives others a strong impression on your business. 
  • Unique Selling Point: By sharing the same values as Which? you strengthen your business’s credibility, showing you are a trustworthy. Customers can therefore be confident in your work. 
  • Which? Trusted Traders rewards: Naturally, you will already be seeing many of the endorsement's benefits. To strengthen your business, you can be put forward for our Trader of the Month award, which recognises our top traders. 

How to become a Champion

Taking the steps to becoming a Champion for Which? Trusted Traders will help to set you apart from your competition.

By achieving ‘Champion’ status, we recognise that driving exceptional customer service and experiences is at the heart of everything your business does. 

To be a Champion you must show that you are utilising your Which? Trusted Traders status throughout your entire business, and at every customer touchpoint.

The following steps set out how you can start ‘championing’ your endorsement... 

Be engaging 

Capture the attention of new and existing customers with engaging content. One way to do this is by showcasing images of recent work you have completed so prospective customers can see your great work. It's also worth sharing a link to your W?TT profile page so customers can read the great testimonials you've received.

Make sure you mention and tag Which? Trusted Traders in your posts - this shows you are engaging with your endorsement, and it will help you reach a wider audience. 

Be creative

Set yourself apart from the competition by creatively using your W?TT logo on every platform possible - from your website and social media profiles to promotional leaflets, business cards or even your uniforms.

The Which? Trusted Traders logo indicates your good reputation and trust within the industry, assuring your customers that they are using a good business.

Be consistent 

Consistency is key in any business, so make sure you are giving a clear and consistent message by ensuring your W?TT endorsement is incorporated into all of your business material.

The more you interact with your customers on your website, social media pages and advertisements, the more you awareness you'll generate.

It can be helpful to set yourself monthly or weekly goals of how often you would like to publish new content to ensure you are consistent. 

Be informative

Take the time to educate your customers on your W?TT status, as this will help to build that trust factor and the relationship between you and your customers. 

Ensure you inform your customers that you are a Which? Trusted Trader, and the hoops that you have had to jump through in order to get the title. It's a good idea to mention this in your ‘About Us’ section on your website and social media profiles, setting out what this means to your business. 

Which? Trusted Traders Champion Checklist

We want to ensure all of our traders are making the most of their Which? Trusted Traders endorsement and have created a checklist and traffic light system which will help you to track your progress to becoming a Champion. 

The checklist is there to guide you through your Which? Trusted Traders endorsement and to ensure that you are utilising it to its fullest potential. The more you are doing on the list the quicker you will reach green level. 

Traffic light system: 

Green: Champion Status - best of the best
Yellow: Very close to champion status, with a few actions to take
Amber: Further optimisation required
Red: Not utilised sufficiently

Call your account manager today to ask for your Champion Checklist to help get you started on your journey to becoming a Which? Trusted Traders Champion.

We’re here Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm on 029 2267 0040

What do our traders say?

We have a number of traders who have already reached Champion status and have incorporated W?TT into every aspect of their business. We are confident in saying that these traders are the ones seeing the most value and benefit from the endorsement:

'Joining Which? is the best thing we have ever done. We incorporate the values and ethics of Which? into everything we do, and as a result our business and customer base is growing daily. We feel that being a Which? Trusted Trader is the best endorsement any company could receive as it instantly gives customers added confidence when hiring a trade.'  - Splash of Colour Painters & Decorators LTD 

'Which? has a long and distinguished career. We feel by associating ourselves alongside Which?, we are in turn giving our customers that added valued client support.' - Easystep Stairlifts Ltd

'Placing the endorsement logo in as many places as possible and making it a central theme to our advertising has made the difference. We have used it in all our social media, in our showroom on pop-up banners, on show-boards outside installations, on media adverts, and on all of our staff uniforms. We present the scheme during sales presentations and we always introduce it again in our unique after-sales visits (along with a Which? branded gift bag for our customers). I really think the more involved you get, the more you will benefit from your membership.' - Finesse Windows Limited