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Read about what our endorsed Traders have to say about the
Which? Trusted Traders scheme below. Find out more and join today.

John Creasey

"The assessment was detailed, which was refreshing and confidence boosting about the scheme. My business is now associated with the powerful name and image of 'Which?', and this tends to attract consumers who want the job done properly and professionally rather than just looking for the cheapest quote, and that matches my work ethic and ethos entirely. I am happy to point out that I will not be the cheapest quotation, but it will be fully detailed and the works done to the highest industry standards - most 'Which?' clients appreciate, want and respect that."

4 Jan 2021

 AB Plumbing & Heating Ltd

"Which? is very well known to the public, some even call Which? 'The Bible'. Which? is not like other directories where anybody can be endorsed with minimum checks - we have been very impressed with the checks, and it gives us confidence that only good ratable companies will be endorsed. There were things we needed to change in order to be endorsed, but it was all worth it. Our eyes were opened to a few things we were and were not doing in the business, and it's important to be lawful. We have received more work leads via the Which? website and the endorsement really gives our customers confidence."

29 Dec 2020

All In One Property Services London Ltd

"We wanted to become a Which? Trusted Trader to be affiliated with a trusted company providing a valuable service. The assessment was more detailed than any of the others by far, which is great as I'm sure it weeds out many firms not up to standard during this process. To those who know Which? there is an inbuilt trust and credibility to know a firm is registered with them. This allows the client and company to have a relationship before they meet which suits both sides in my opinion."

29 Dec 2020

AC Plumbing and Heating Solutions

"The assessment was very thorough - which in my opinion is how it should be. Which? is a very trusted brand - its a great way to showcase a trade business - the marketing strategy is fantastic too. It's helped give customers confidence using me, reassurance they are dealing with a professional business, and also peace of mind that we are skilled and insured "

29 Dec 2020

Tethys Energy Ltd

"Whilst there are other 'trusted' providers, I felt as if Which? were the ones that had the consumers interests at heart, and are a trusted name in the consumer rights industry. We've benefitted greatly. The monthly fee is very reasonable for the amount of work that Which? brings in. It has a gravitas and reputation that many other operators simply do not."

24 Dec 20

CanDo Roofing

"I joined Which? because it is a well trusted and established company that makes sure that its members are vetted properly, and attracts clients that are looking for a quality job and peace of mind. Other endorsements schemes don't carry out a proper vetting, and Which? is a trusted independent reviewer."

24 Dec 20

Pro Plumb

"The Which? Logo is recognised with customers, also the boilers we fit are Which? approved, so it ties together the branding. I feel it helps customers see that we are a reputable and safe company"

24 Dec 2020


He@Heating Limited

"I have always viewed Which? as a consumer champion and when they announced that they were going to have their own endorsed traders, I knew that this would help the whole industry and allow consumer to find trustworthy tradespeople"

24 Dec 2020

A Byrne Carpentry & Joinery

"People trust the Which? Logo, and of course, when we can display it alongside our trading name I’m sure it gives the customer confidence that they will get a good job. Also, so many times I hear from customers that they have used other forums for tradespeople and have been disappointed and they say that they think the reviews they read were false, but Which? have a review process that authenticates each and every piece of feedback, and then - and only then - will it be published"

24 Dec 2020

French Polishing & Finishing Ltd

"Which? actually seems to take an interest in what their endorsed businesses are doing - every other organisation I've belonged to are quite happy to bank your cheque but do precious little else to justify the subscription. My colleague is one of your Trusted Traders and had experienced an increase in business and I had realised for some time that I needed some sort of independent accreditation, so Which? seemed like the perfect choice. I also knew Which? would be a key part of the age demographic I needed to aim at in the domestic market"

23 Dec 2020

Beeson Plumbing & Heating Ltd

"The assessment process was in depth, they left no stone unturned to make sure we were brand worthy. They checked our processes and media profile to ensure we were as advertised and anything that was pointed out to us was presented professionally and advice was given constructively to help us become the best we possibly can be. Our representative from Which? Trusted Traders offers advice and help to improve and stay on the straight and narrow. We now have our U.S.P. above our competitors and our customers are re-assured they are in safe hands when making their purchase decision."

23 Dec 2020

Priority Plumbers

"I would consider Which? to be a true endorsement whereas other companies have effectively become mass advertising platforms. Which? has a more effective and powerful endorsement that allows me to give prestige and a good reputation as I'm associated with them"

23 Dec 2020


"To be able to be a Which? Trusted Trader is all about being part of a trusted brand. Trust is very important between myself and client, and them finding me through Which? gives them a great amount of confidence from the start."

23 Dec 2020

Daniels Roofing



"Our business has gone from strength to strength, with 70% of our clients saying they got our number and read our reviews from the Which? site. I and my staff am very proud to be a Which? member as it helps to overcome the first visit with the client. They also feel at ease knowing they have a reputable company with a great backing from Which? - A winning situation for trades and clients. Which? is known throughout the country as being the backbone of all trade affilations with no frills around the edges. Also with it review system it keeps trades people on their toes."

23 Dec 2020

Brad McQuinn


"Which? is a long standing company that recognises quality tradesmen. As a Which? Trusted Trader, my business has become more trusted regarding the quality of workmanship that I provide"

23 Dec 2020

Harveys Windows & Conservatories Ltd

"Which? is a trusted brand which validates the ratings received more rigorously than some other review sites. They're an impartial judge who really validate their members rather than just taking a fee and adding you to their list of 'endorsed' companies"

19 Dec 2020

Vantage Windows and Doors

"The benefits to our business have been huge. We have attracted numerous new customers who are more concerned with a quality service than the cheapest price. Which? Trusted Traders have accounted for around 25% of our new business for many years now."

17 Dec 2020

Bronte Stairlifts Limited

"We were looking into an endorsement scheme to give confidence to our customers that they were dealing with someone they could trust. We were also looking for somewhere to collect reviews, and the profile looked like an ideal place. We have benefited greatly. To be able to say that you are endorsed by the Which? Trusted Traders scheme as well as the verified reviews on your profile gives customers confidence in you straight away"

27 Nov 2020

TLG Gutters

"We wanted a trusted and reliable body to promote the quality of our work through an independent means of collecting feedback, and displaying this to potential customers.The level of attentiveness to your business and how you are doing is second to none. Our account Managers have always been great at checking in on us, updating us regularly on any new features we can utilise or capitalise on to promote our business, and supporting our requests with speed and accuracy. Which? Trusted Traders also has a monthly best business recognition scheme, which is a great way for businesses to highlight and promote their quality in product and service industry. We believe that Which? Trusted Traders is much more proactive with our business and promoting our business through their level of service, care, efficiency and detailed operations offerings."

26 Nov 2020

PCs Made Simple Ltd

"We used to use a local service much like the traders, but this didn’t have the same Brand recognition as Which?. We get calls all the time with people mentioning we have found you on the Which? Site or that they had called due to the reviews they had read and it gives us a good organic SEO benefit as well. There are other platforms out there like this but doesn’t have the Which? logo which is why we were happy to jump through the hoops to get it."

26 Nov 2020

JNJ Building Services

"We found that joining Which Trusted Trader was an intense process which made it even more worthwhile as we realised that we were joining a very strong brand; with our subscription fee not going to waste to a poor outfit. It shows to our customers that we belong to a credible organisation, giving confidence that we belong to a highly regarded brand. The point that has very much impressed us compared to other services was the fact that Which? Trusted Trader has a dispute resolution centre linked to the Dispute Resolution Ombudsman, which means the customer can speak to an independent party if a dispute was to arise, this is service that we very much like having within the company and think it is an excellent service that Which? Trusted Trader provided for our clients and customers.JNJ Building Services being part of Which? Trusted Trader is highly regarded within management and the staff we employ, and we are extremely grateful to be part of the Which? Trusted Trader organisation and to be working towards the high set principles the organisation has set."

20 Nov 2020




Surrey Gas Solutions

"Customers tell me all the time that they feel confident that the traders they get from Which? will be good quality.  Once, a customer said he will only use a Which? Trusted Trader because he knows how hard it is for a trader to meet the high standards. I remember it was a tough assement but I really liked that becuase it meant that not anyone can join. I understand how important the vetting is for Traders and customer reassurance. The customers that come through Which? are lovley people, they always tell me how they found me and that Which? put their mind at ease. It is fantastic for reputation building, I would never get rid of Which?."

11 Nov 2020


R.A.H Carpentry

"The Which? branding is so well known. I like the fact that Which? keeps on top of things i.e. making sure you always keep up to date insurances and keeping in regular contact with the Trader which is nice. The Account Manager genuinely seems to care and has a nice personal touch"

9 Nov 2020

Property Developments Plus Limited

"I first heard about Which? Trusted Trader through the 'Institute of Carpenters'. As soon as I heard about the scheme I knew it would be a great scheme to be a member of. Everyone knows Which? as a tried, tested and trusted platform. I knew straight away that this scheme would only bring positivity to our business. Through Which? Trusted Traders I find that we attract serious customers that have spent time looking for the right person for the job, not the cheapest quotation that they can get. Which? has brought us good quality leads and it tells our potential customers exactly what they can expect from us."

3 Nov 2020

Van Man Removals and Storage Ltd

"I couldn’t think of a better endorsement for a customer focused and legitimate business. Probably the most well-known force in consumer rights. It’s a very easy ref to make to being a Which? Trusted trader and most people know what this means."

2 Sept 2020

Abbeywood Removals

"Because unlike industry bodies Which? is for the client and is a trusted brand. Believe Which? backs up the service we provide and gives our clients confidence"

1 Sept 2020

Regency Professional Deorating Service

"1) It will improve the way you run your business. Year after year we get more & more calls, texts & email requesting estimates, which leads to more jobs secured & increased income.

2) It will make you stand out from the crowd. The endorsement definitely gives you the trust factor [ with the client ] straight off the bat.

3) It will give you a job review history that directly translates into increased prospects year after year.

4) If you have a discrepancy with a client you no longer feel you are on your own to navigate choppy waters thanks to access to the DRO."

29 Sept 2020

Lek-Trix Limited

"Being a Which? Trusted Trader helps us position ourselves ahead of other traders in the area. We have definitely benefitted from our membership, we have increased our customers level of trust in us due to our number of reviews. We have increased the amount of good leads and enquires from the right type of customers (customers who are looking for quality and trust in a tradesman)."

27 Aug 2020

Southside Window Systems Limited


"We thought it was a good opportunity to show customers we are a reputable company"

27 Aug 2020

Windowfix Limited

"It was an accolade we really wanted as customers trust Which? Trusted Traders. We have used the Which? Trusted trader logos on our letterhead, website, ect which is definitely creating interest."

25 Aug 2020

D J Garage Services Ltd

"I have heard customers say they recognised the Which? Logo which made them choose to contact us because they trust the Which? brand. It also gives us a platform to receive feedback from our customers"

31 Jul 2020

Mark Bletcher T/A CoolGlass Glazing Enhancements

"I have heard customers say we recognised the Which? logo which made them choose to contact us because they trust the Which? brand. I’ve been a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen and trialled Checkatrade another well known organisation in the sector, and the Which? Trusted Traders assessments and checks are 5 times more thorough. I’ve told customers if they’re looking for a trade to carry out work, and one has a Checkatrade or Guild logo, and another has a Which? Trusted Traders logo, they should ring the Which? trader because the background checks are far more intensive."

27 July 2020


Inspiration Computers Ltd

"We wanted customers to know that we could be trusted as unfortunately there are many bedroom traders and small businesses that give poor service and carry out low quality repairs. By signing up with Which?, a trusted and reputable organisation, people could be reassured that we had passed a rigorous assessment, and that reviews on the Which? Trusted Trader site were genuine. We wanted potential customers to be confident when using us for the first time."

15 Jul 2020

Tincknell Heating

"Initially we were introduced to Which? Trusted Traders through Worcester Bosch and their business support manager. It seemed a natural fit to our business, promoting excellent service and peace of mind for our new and existing clients... Tincknell Heating Which? Trusted Trader!"

27 Jun 2020


Berkeley Heating Services Ltd

"Reputation. Quality endorsement worth having. Increase sales/enquiries/interest."

25 Jun 2020

Bourne Plumbing & Heating

"Having the endorsement has given customers the confidence to select genuine tradespeople. I am very proud to be a Which? Trusted Trader"

24 Jun 2020

Tower Heating Ltd

"We decided to apply to become Which? Trusted Traders to provide reassurance to customers that we are a reliable local company and can be trusted.We are a Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer and our business is based around installing and maintaining Worcester boilers. Both the Which? and Worcester brands stand for the reliability and trust, so it was natural step to align ourselves closely to both. Which? Trusted Traders take the review site concept to a different level! You can be sure that reviews are genuine and have been validated thoroughly. The Which? Brand has an impeccable reputation to uphold and is THE voice of impartiality when it comes to reviews. Which? Trusted Traders live up to this billing. When a potential customer sees that we are a Which? Trusted Trader I think it gives them peace of mind that we can be trusted and will deliver a high standard of workmanship. When we’re asked by a potential customer to quote for work, we promise that our engineers will look after their home and keep disruption to a minimum. We always direct them to our Which? Trusted Trader profile where our reviews validate these claims. We feel we win a higher proportion of jobs as a result."

24 Jun 2020

Blue Flame Services

"We chose to use Which? Trusted Traders for the simple reason, it’s a known and trusted brand and has fantastic support for customers & businesses. Which? Trusted Traders actively updates its traders on whats happening in their industry, and always strives to prompt the field they operate in, for example gas safety week we took part in a operation to raise awareness by giving away free CO alarms."

24 Jun 2020

SDB Building & Maintenance

"Having the Which? Trusted Traders brand attached to my business certainly helps with the business."

23 Jun 2020


"To be part of Which? Trusted Traders is great for marketing my company and a good way for potential customers to find a professional mover. The feedback from customers is essential for monitoring our performance. Which? have a better reputation than other trade organisations." 

15 Apr 2020

Presswarm Double Glazing Co. Limited

"Which? Trusted Traders is a company that has real value to much of our customer base and we felt would add value to our offer. We have seen an increase in leads, and generally these are for high value projects. Which? has definitely increased the average price of our work and offers us an independent endorsement that customers feel is genuine and can trust. Which? as a publication has a long history and is very much a trusted source of information, and Which? Trusted Traders as an extension of this long standing institution provides us with a strong point of difference to our competition through the review process."

16 Mar 2020


Homeglaze Home Improvements

"The double glazing business has always had a bad reputation which we were trying to change, so it was brilliant to be able to reassure customers that we had a connection with Which? Trusted Traders."

6 Mar 2020

Finesse Windows

"In terms of actual monetary value; we have received orders to the value of approximately £40,000 this financial year as a direct result of people finding us on the Which? web-site and placing orders. It’s true to say that our business as a whole has grown by over 50% since our involvement with Which? Trusted Traders. The Which? Trusted Trader scheme recognises outstanding companies that stand for quality of product and quality of service – two things that we have built our business on over the decades. We believed that the Which? endorsement would be a valuable addition to our list of positive things we can talk about to instil that feeling of trust - and this has proved to be the case."

1 Feb 2020

Easystep Stairlifts

"We felt that Which? is a timeless trusted name, that consumers can rely on. Being included as a Which? Trusted Trader would show potential clients, (that may already feel vulnerable), that we can be replied upon, as we have been endorsed by a well know recognised brand. Which? has a long and distinguished career and we feel by associating ourselves alongside the brand, we are in turn giving our customers that added valued client support. As a company, Which? Trusted Traders is also there to support us, by offering practical advice; from advertising materials to legal concerns. Keeping in touch with our account manager, that knows and understands our business makes it more personal."

1 Feb 2020