Some traders have told us that it’s too complicated for customers to leave reviews on their profiles, and asked us to let them know when people do leave reviews. So we have made the following changes to help streamline the process:

Logging in: you can log in as normal on the ‘For Traders’ side of the site. But on the consumer homepage, the ‘Log in’ button has been replaced by...

A new ‘Leave  a Review’ button: which stands out in blue in the top right. This button is on every consumer page across the website. It takes customers through to…

A new ‘Traders you have viewed’ page: this page shows customers the businesses they have viewed as they browse through the site and prompts them to log in. 

Once customers have logged in to the website, they can see all the businesses they have interacted with in previous sessions as well as that day.

Businesses are listed in the order the customer has viewed or reviewed them - so the last profile they looked at, or company they reviewed will be at the top of the list. This saves customers from having to look for companies they have already viewed through the general search.

Creating reviews: customers can quickly access the review form from the ‘Traders you have viewed’ page, as well as directly from your profile.  Clicking on the ‘Leave a Review’ button next to a business will take customers directly through to the review form for that business. 

Customers can post their review immediately, as long as they are already logged in. If they are not logged in, they can still write their review and log in afterwards in order to post.

If customers are new to the website, they will be asked to input their email address and a password, to create their own account after writing their review, so they can post it on your profile.

View reviews: when customers have left a review for a particular business, the ‘Leave a Review’ button on the ‘Traders you have viewed’ page will change to ‘View my review’ - see below.

Notification of reviews: we’ll let you know via email when you have received a review and we’ll also email the customer a confirmation. This should give you the opportunity to respond to that review more swiftly.

Customer reviews are really valuable in helping you stand out from the rest and giving people peace of mind when choosing a trader. You can encourage someone to leave reviews by giving them review cards with the website details on completion of a job. We hope these changes will make it easier for people to return to your profile and to leave reviews.

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