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FAQs for Consumers

Here are some of our most frequently-asked questions about the Which? Trusted Traders? scheme.

What is Which? Trusted Traders?

Which? Trusted Traders is an endorsement scheme that recognises reputable traders in the home improvement and motor industries. We also endorse traders from a variety of other service areas such as computer repairs.

The aim of Which? Trusted Traders is to raise the standard of the trade industry for consumers, by setting a benchmark we expect all traders to meet before they can become endorsed. All traders who successfully pass our assessment process become a Which? Trusted trader and can use the icon on their branding and promotional material.

How are Which? Trusted traders assessed?

Businesses wishing to become endorsed as a Which? Trusted trader must undergo a rigorous assessment process. This includes credit and customer reference checks, and a visit from a Which? Trusted Traders trading standards proffessional assessor. The visit includes an assessment of various aspects of the business such as administrative processes, documentation and complaints procedures.

Only traders who satisfy this assessment process are awarded Which? Trusted trader status.

Are all the businesses on the website endorsed Which? Trusted traders?

Yes, all traders found on the website are endorsed and assessed.

How often are traders checked once they are endorsed?

Once traders are endorsed, they are reassessed on an ongoing basis.  Traders endorsed with Which? Trusted Traders are not tied into a contract so we are able to assess them at any point during their endorsement.  We carry out various ongoing checks, including checking for up to date insurance and regular financial health checks. 

I have a complaint against a Which? Trusted trader - what do I need to do?

Which? Trusted Traders must comply with the terms of our Code of Conduct and What is Expected of You guidance. This means a Which? Trusted Trader agrees to address any complaint. Consumers also have obligations. The action or actions causing the complaint must have taken place whilst the trader was/is an endorsed Which? Trusted trader. Additionally, the problem must be reported within twelve months of discovery.  Thereafter, customers must write to the trader outlining the complaint. The trader then has 28 days to acknowledge the complaint and either provide a resolution or a letter of deadlock.

If you feel the trader has not met the standards of the scheme please call us so we can log your complaint. Although we are unable to mediate please rest assured that all of our complaints are audited and used as compliance checks against the trader. If it is deemed that the trader has not acted in accordance with our guidelines we will take appropriate action

The trader has 8 weeks to agree a resolution with the consumer. If the trader does not respond within this period, or if a letter of deadlock has already been sent, the consumer at this stage needs to notify Which? Trusted Traders to assess if the process has been followed and can therefore supply the case reference number to refer to Dispute Resolution Ombudsman.  

Dispute Resolution Ombudsman is a not-for-profit company that provides an independent dispute resolution service to Which? Trusted Traders and their customers.

What makes Which? Trusted Traders different?

We focus solely on bringing reputable and trustworthy traders to consumers without compromising on quality. We not only check our traders by examining references or qualifications, our vetting procedure is thorough and businesses are visited by an experienced Which? Trusted Traders assessor who ensures that each business or trader meets the Which? Trusted Traders standard.

Additionally, as a consumer champion, we go the extra mile to ensure that should any dispute arise, there are procedures in place to resolve this. We provide this service free of charge for any customer of a Which? Trusted trader. All our reviews are moderated for authenticity, and we welcome both positive and negative feedback for Which? Trusted traders.


How much does it cost to use Which? Trusted Traders?

Which? Trusted Traders is completely free and open to the public.

Can I recommend a trader for the scheme?

Yes. If you know, or have recently used, an excellent trader then please fill out some details on the recommend a trader page.

How can I leave a review for a trader I've used?

Its easy to leave a review online. Just find the trader's profile on our website and click the 'Leave a review' button. Fill in the online form and click submit. Your review will then be sent to our moderation team before it goes live on the trader's profile. If you need more help, read our explanation of how to review a Trusted Trader.

Can I remove/edit my review?

Yes, please email us with the details on trustedtraders@which.co.uk or call us on 0117 456 6032

Can I leave a negative review?

Yes. However,  if your review breaches our Terms and conditions then it will be removed and we will contact you directly to advise. Traders are notified when they receive a negative review. Potentially we may temporarily remove your review and conduct further correspondence, based on feedback from the trader. We may also request that you prove the work to us privately e.g. an invoice, receipt etc.Throughout any further correspondence, we will maintain your privacy.

How do I report a review?

If you notice that a review breaches our Terms and conditions, please let us know by clicking on “Report as inappropriate” next to the offending review.

Why did Which? Local close?

Which? Local was a site for Which? Members to recommend any business.  As this was a member managed site, any business recommended had not been assessed by a  Which? Trusted Traders assessor or vetted in any way. As the site was not regulated, the decision was made to close it in early 2018.  

If you know of a trader you would like to recommend we would love to hear about them. Please see the details on our recommend a trader page.

How do you know the reviews are genuine?

All our reviews are checked for authenticity by our team of moderators. The moderators have access to a wide range of resources to ensure that the reviews written adhere to the user generated content Terms and conditions.

If you have any further questions or queries which are not covered here, please feel free to contact us by email on trustedtraders@which.co.uk.

What makes a Which? Trusted trader in Hertfordshire or Islington different?

Which? has partnered with Hertfordshire and Islington trading standards to create a joint endorsement scheme. Every 'Which? Trusted trader' has been assessed and checked by Which? trading standards professionals, additionally traders in the joint scheme have a DBS check and are subject to a Trading Standards intelligence check.

How do I get in touch?

We can be contacted on 0117 456 6032. Or if you would like to get in touch via email, send your queries through to trustedtraders@which.co.uk. You can also contact us on Facebook or Twitter