Completing the Benchmark Checklist, which was originally launched in 1999, has been recognised by the UK government as a means of demonstrating compliance with building regulations for boiler installation, commissioning and servicing.

The checklist has now gone digital, with two versions of the app – one for traders and one for consumers (in November 2021).  Both apps allow Traders and homeowners to see a boilers installation and service history.

Billy Wilgar, Deputy Chair of the Benchmark Steering Group, says:

‘Benchmark’s digitisation will enable both heating engineers and homeowners to access vital information about their boilers, plan service intervals and take a whole life approach to boiler care. We believe this digitisation of Benchmark can play a major role in improving standards and the quality of service that heating engineers offer to homeowners.’

Benefits for traders

Traders using the Benchmark trade app can create a digital record for any boiler they install, making it easier to register boilers. Additionally, it makes it simpler to access key information on a heating system’s history before starting work. Creating a digital record will also encourage homeowners to use the consumer version of the app.

Benefits for consumers

Research by the Benchmark Steering Group (December 2020) found that three million UK households have never had their boiler serviced. In addition, 50% of the 2,000 people surveyed admitted to not maintaining their boiler in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidance, meaning potentially half of UK households have a boiler out of warranty. It’s vital that consumers are educated on the importance of annual servicing.

The Benchmark consumer app not only gives the homeowner access to information about their boiler installation, it also sets up regular service intervals for their boiler. The app sends push notifications to alert consumers when it is time to get their boiler serviced, and points them in the direction of the engineer who installed their heating system.

The app can therefore make sure a boiler remains in warranty, and encourages returning customers to traders who are installing and registering boilers through the Benchmark app.

The Benchmark traders app, as well as the consumer version, is available on both iOS and Android