Help us to get things right

At Which? we are committed to providing you with an exceptional standard of service. We are always disappointed when our customers have cause to complain but, where things do not go as well as we would have hoped, we apologise and work hard to remedy your concerns quickly.

We want to help put things right and there are two different ways in which you can tell us about your complaint; please choose the right one for you.

If you find the easiest and quickest way to sort things out is to:

However you choose to let us know about your complaint, it helps us to investigate further if you provide us with:

  • Your name and address
  • Any reference or case numbers
  • Your contact details (where we can contact you if we need to)
  • Details of your complaint, including any relevant documents or other information and what you would like us to do to put things right
  • Please let us know how you would like to receive future correspondence about the progress or outcome of your complaint and we will aim to do this for you.

How we’ll handle your complaint

  • We will do all we can to resolve your complaint on the same day or within 3 working days after the day that you contact us
  • If we can’t resolve your complaint in this time frame, we will write to you within 5 working days to let you know when you can expect a full response
  • We will also provide you with a reference number and contact details of the team who will be dealing with your complaint
  • We will keep you regularly informed of our progress by your preferred communication method
  • Once all the details of your complaint have been investigated, we will issue our response
  • If our investigations are likely to take more than 8 weeks from when you originally contacted us, we will write to you with an update on our progress and to let you know what next steps you can take.

What to do if you are still not happy – taking the matter further

If you are disappointed with our response, depending on the nature of your complaint, you may have access to an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) scheme or an Ombudsman Service which offers a free, independent and impartial service for customers to help resolve disputes with firms. At the time of your complaint, we will inform you of the details of the relevant ADR or Ombudsman available to you.

Complaints concerning a Which? Trusted trader

Which? Trusted Traders must comply with the terms of our Code of Conduct and What is Expected of You guidance. This means a Which? Trusted Trader agrees to address any complaint. Consumers also have obligations. The action or actions causing the complaint must have taken place whilst the trader was/is an endorsed Which? Trusted trader. Additionally, the problem must be reported within twelve months of discovery.  Thereafter, customers must write to the trader outlining the complaint. The trader then has 28 days to acknowledge the complaint and either provide a resolution or a letter of deadlock.

If you feel the trader has not met the standards of the scheme please compete our complaints form and email it to us at along with any relevant documents you may have. This helps us to effectively and efficiently handle your complaint.

Your complaint will be managed by one of our dedicated Relationship Advisors who will review the form within 24 working hours and give you a call within 48 working hours to explain the most appropriate next steps in order for you to get a resolution.

For more information please visit our FAQ’s