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Cost guide: carpenters

Avoid unnecessarily costly carpentry work with this advice from Which? Trusted Traders recommended Precision Carpentry Services Ltd.

Job: hanging new doors

Type of job

Replacing or installing new internal or external doors.

What adds expense?

“The type of finish can add cost,” explains Shane Hales from Croydon-based Precision Carpentry Services Ltd. “A painted finish costs more than natural wood, for example. Also, having a joinery shop make bespoke doors can be more expensive than standard, ready-made doors.”

How can I make it cheaper?

“If you want to paint the door, use pre-primed, pressed doors,” suggests Shane. “This saves time and money on decorating without compromising on an excellent finish.

“If you want a hardwood and polished finish, use a veneered door. These are cheaper than solid doors and are usually more resistant to warping,” says Shane.

If you want new front or back doors, consider upgrading your locks at the same time for improved home security.

Job: installing new wooden floors

Type of job

Installation of wooden flooring in the home.

What adds expense?

“Some types of wood are more costly than others,” says Shane. “For example, a walnut finish is much more expensive than oak.”

How can I make it cheaper?

“Think about installing a good quality engineered wood floor,” says Shane. “Although there may not be a saving on the materials, the labour cost will be less. Plus, if the floor is pre-finished, there’s no need for sanding and sealing – saving even more on labour.”

Find a trader to install a wooden floor.

Engineered floors tend to be more stable, with less movement and distortion, than ‘real’ wood floors. They can even be re-sanded and sealed.

Job: fitting a new kitchen

Type of job

Removing the old kitchen and fitting a new kitchen.

What adds expense?

“Although attractive, stone worktops can add a lot to the cost of a new kitchen,” says Shane.

How can I make it cheaper?

“If you really want those expensive worktops or costly appliances, keep the layout of your kitchen the same” says Shane. “If you move everything around, you’ll have to fork out for plumbing and re-wiring.”

Find recommended kitchen fitters

"Planning is the key to a successful kitchen renovation. Work with the kitchen planner to try to get everything you want in your new kitchen, but don't get talked into things you won't need." 

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