December 2018’s Which? Trusted Trader of the Month is Splash of Colour

Dedicated customer service has helped this Glasgow-based painting and decorating firm to take the final award of 2018.

Shaun Mckay, owner of Splash of Colour, has become one of the youngest winners of Trusted Trader of the Month.

26-year-old Shaun won December’s title, with judges praising his work ethic and his willingness to go the extra mile to help customers.

‘It’s absolutely unbelievable to me to win at my age,’ said Shaun, who took over the business from his father five years ago in 2013.

‘I’m overjoyed because I know it’s hard to win. My account manager said you have to be top of your game. It’s a fantastic scheme and I’m pleased to be part of it.’

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Customer-service values

Sean Mckay, owner of Splash of Colour

Shaun joined Trusted Traders on the recommendation of his father. ‘He always used to say we have the same set of values that Which? has,’ Shaun explained. ‘He’s old school and believes in good customer service.’

Those principles have remained central to Shaun’s business, and are his motivation to put in the hours decorating a customers’ house.

‘My father says you only get out of a company what you put in, and that’s what I’ve done ever since,’ he told us. ‘I’ll work seven days a week if necessary.

‘I try to take the hard work out of things for the clients, because it’s stressful buying a house and trying to make it a home.’

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Attention to detail

Customers repeatedly praise Shaun’s eye for detail and high-quality workmanship in their reviews, helping Splash of Colour to achieve a five-star rating at the time of writing.

‘We are delighted with the work done,’ one reviewer recently wrote. ‘The attention to detail has been meticulous and the job has been done to a very high spec. I would definitely recommend Splash of Colour.’

Shaun commented: ‘We try to maintain a really high standard for the clients because, at the end of the day, it’s their hard-earned cash.’

Congratulations to Splash of Colour, December’s Trusted Trader of the Month.

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