If you’ve employed one of our Trusted Traders, we want to hear your views about their work.

Sharing your experience about a trader can make a difference to other customers who are looking for someone to work on their home.

Feedback also helps the traders to learn more about which areas of their business are working, or where they could improve.

All the reviews we receive are moderated, and we verify customer details to make sure reviews are genuine.

Search our database to find a trader near you who has passed our assessments and earned the Which? Trusted Traders endorsement, and see what other customers have said about their work.

If you don’t have an account with us

If you’ve never created an account on our website or you don’t want to log in, you first need to find the trader’s profile on our website.

Search for the business on our homepage, or use the blue ‘Leave a review’ button found in the top right of most of our webpages or within 'Menu' on mobile and tablet. This will also open the search bar or show you the traders you’ve looked at recently.

Once you’ve found the trader’s profile, use the ‘Create a review’ link to open the review form, as shown below.

Screengrab of the online review form

We ask for your contact details only to allow us to verify the review and make sure it’s genuine. (Read more about our commitment to protect your personal data.)

You can then enter your comments about the trader and rate their services.

If you’re registered and logged in

If you already have an account and are logged in, click directly on the ‘Create a review’ link in the trader’s profile to open up the review form.

Or, use the blue ‘Leave a review’ button (found under 'Menu' on mobile and tablet) to see the ‘Traders you have viewed’ page. This will help you quickly find a business you’ve already looked at.

Screengrab of the Recently viewed traders page

The companies you’ve looked at most recently will be at the top of the list. Click the ‘Leave a review’ button next to a business name to open the review form.

As you’re logged in, you’ll only need to fill out a short version of the review form. We’ll ask you to rate your trader and comment on their work.

If you’ve already reviewed a trader, you’ll see a link next to the business that says ‘View my review’.

What to include in your review

If you’re not sure what to write, think about the areas that potential customers might want to know about, including:

  • quality of work – how well was the job done?
  • costs – was the quote you were given accurate?
  • professionalism – did the trader take pride in their work?
  • communication – was the trader easy to contact and did they respond quickly?
  • clarity – did they clearly explain the work to you?
  • flexibility – how did the trader respond to requests for alterations?
  • punctuality – did the trader turn up on time?
  • cleanliness – did the trader respect your property and tidy up after themselves?
  • problems – were there any problems with the work and, if so, how did the trader deal with them?
  • would you recommend the trader to another customer?

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