We know from our research that customers are more likely to pick traders who have a steady stream of positive reviews on their profile page. Sharing your experience about whether a trader is polite, punctual or tidy can really make a difference to other customers who are looking for someone they want to work with.

Feedback helps the traders, too, as it’s the best way for them to learn about areas of their business that are and aren’t working. We’d all be really grateful if you took five minutes to write a review after a Which? Trusted trader finishes a job for you.

For more tips on ensuring your home improvement or motor repair goes smoothly, check our guide on how to work with your trader.

Your trader may give you a paper review form, which you can fill in and send back to us, at no cost to yourself. Alternatively, you can follow the steps outlined below to leave a review on the website.

Where to leave your review

Step 1: Click the   button on the top right of the Which? Trusted Traders site. 

You can see it at the top right of every page, just like on this one.

Step 2a: If you’re a Which? member and you have already logged in, or your laptop or mobile has stored cookies from your browsing session, you will go straight to a list of your previously viewed traders.

They’ll be listed in the order you viewed them, as below, which saves you having to search for the trader again. Click the blue ‘Leave a review’ button by the name of the relevant trader. Go to step 3.

Step 2b: If you’re not already logged in to the Which? Trusted Traders site, you will need to search for the profile page of the trader you want to review. Type the business name in the search box and it should come up as an option to click through to their profile page, which will look something like this one for Homeglaze Home Improvements (below). Click on the central red button ‘See customer reviews & leave a review’.

This takes you further down the page, to the area with other customer reviews. Click on the ‘Create a review’ button (as below) to bring up the online review form for that trader. 

Step 3: You should now see the review form for your trader, which will look like the one below for Homeglaze Home Improvements.

You fill in the title and enter your review, as well as giving the trader a star rating for their customer service, quality and value. When you’ve finished, click ‘Post review’.

If you’ve already logged in, this is the end of the process.

If you haven’t already logged in, you need to do so in order to submit the review for moderation. If you’re new to the site, you will first need to register by leaving your email address and choosing a password. Then you'll be asked to verify your email address and log back in, before you hit 'post' to submit your review.

Your review will appear on the site once it has been moderated. You can see your review at any time by looking at the trader’s profile page.

What to include in your review

Anything you write about your experience of working with a particular trader is going to be helpful to other customers who are searching for someone to work on their home or car. Your recommendation as a previous customer is important. But if you’ve got time to include more details about your experience, then that’s going to be even more helpful. Potential customers want to know about issues such as:

  • punctuality – did the trader turn up on time?
  • presentation – were they approachable and helpful?
  • costs – was the quote you were given accurate?
  • communication – was the trader easy to contact? Did they respond to you promptly?
  • clarity - did they explain the job clearly to you?
  • flexibility – how did the trader respond to any requests you made for alterations?
  • quality of work – was the job done to your satisfaction?  How was the finish?
  • cleanliness – did the trader respect your property and tidy up after themselves?
  • professionalism – did the trader take pride in their work?
  • expectations – did the trader explain what they would do and deliver on that promise?
  • problems – were there any problems with the work and, most importantly, how did the trader deal with them?

The final point to include is whether you would personally recommend the trader to another customer or not, with any other reasons for that recommendation that you haven’t already covered.

We know our traders love to get positive reviews – many of them tell us about how they look out for them, and enjoy the praise for a job well done.  And while traders might not enjoy a negative review, it does give them valuable feedback about areas they need to improve. So, if you can spare a few minutes, make sure you leave a review for any Which? Trusted trader that you employ.

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