Beaver Pest Control has been named Which? Trusted Trader of the Month for May 2024. Our judges highlighted how the company gave back to the community, and worked tirelessly to improve the pest control industry as factors contributing to the win.

We spoke to David Lodge, the Director of Service and Compliance at Beaver Pest Control, to discover more about the business and the advantages of being a Which? Trusted Trader. 

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Good service and technical expertise

With offices in Tooting, London, Beaver Pest Control has been a Which? Trusted Trader for coming up to 10 years. Comprising 95 staff with 58 technicians, they are mainly based around London, but offer a national service through partner companies in the British Pest Control Association.

David  joined his brother Graham at Beaver in 1992, ‘We knew we complemented each other well, he is more of a figures person, whereas I enjoy the human element.’ Julia and Rafal have also since become Directors.

Their complementary skillset has paid dividends, as shown by their rating of 4.9 on Trusted Traders.

One recent review reads: ‘Scott was very kind, punctual, knowledgeable and professional. We have had a couple of companies in the past to come and look at the same issue and when Scott came he figured out the problem straight away.’

Commitment to the industry

Our Judges found a lot to celebrate within Beaver Pest Control, highlighting their commitment to the industry. This takes the form of information given to consumers, a training centre and advice hub, reforming and advising best practice for the industry, as well as leading in sustainable, low harm treatments.

‘[There’s a] real emphasis on charities and sustainable ways for pest control, which are clearly important to this company,’ said one judge. ‘[We] really like the training centre and advice hub to provide information to members and potential members. There is a clear commitment to the industry and sustainability and also providing information to consumers in the form of advice pieces.’

Giving back to the community

Beaver Pest Control makes sure that the proceeds of the business are also diverted towards community initiatives. The company rents its offices from a social enterprise that supports young entrepreneurs, and holds workshops to help the entrepreneurs succeed.

Plus, a percentage of the business’s turnover is given to help people find jobs through their contract with the City of London. This is in addition to charity fundraising for Syria and Ukraine.

As part of their sustainability drive, they are also paying to plant 100 trees in the National Forest each year in lieu of sending Christmas cards.

Personal experience of Which? membership

As a Which? subscriber himself, David chose products and services on our recommendations, and considered how it could apply to his business as well. 

‘I wanted Beaver Pest Control to be part of this great brand. ‘Which? Trusted Traders verifies to clients that we actually do what we say and do it to a high standard. The real value is the trust that the badge brings. It’s difficult to apply a monetary value to this.’

Congratulations to Beaver Pest Control for winning May 2024’s Which? Trusted Trader of the Month award.

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