After dazzling our judging panel with top-notch customer reviews, Furlonger Tree Services has become September 2018 Which? Trusted trader of the month.

At the time of writing, the company’s trader profile on the Which? Trusted Traders website flaunts a flawless customer reviews record, which is no easy task. Every customer that has left feedback is happy to recommend Furlonger Tree Services for tree removal, reductions and stump grinding.

Endorsed by the Which? Trusted Traders scheme since early 2015, the company was shortlisted for the Which? Trader of the Year 2018 award thanks to the regular work it does for the local community. For example, the tree surgeons at Furlonger Tree Services maintain the gardens at local shops at no cost, and the firm also recently donated £500 to a local children's charity, Oasis.

We caught up with founder Tom Furlonger to discuss the company's growth.

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Building the brand

Furlonger Tree Services is based in Surrey, but the company covers a wide area that includes London and West Sussex. The team has more than 17 years of combined experience in the industry, which – according to its customer reviews – means it is able to deal with controlled felling and hedge-cutting quickly and efficiently.

Speaking about his mission to build Furlonger Tree Services from the ground up, Tom told us: ‘I was always cutting my neighbour's grass for pocket money when I was a kid, and it was then that I knew I wanted to work outside. I set up my business when I was 21 years old and, although it is hard work, I have put my all into making my company successful.'

Although Tom started out on his own, his company continues to expand. Over the past two years Furlonger Tree Services has seen four new employees join the ranks, allowing the group to juggle various jobs at once in and around Surrey.

‘The team works really hard and I am proud to employ such great people. Customer service has always been my key focus and the team always goes above and beyond to make our customers happy.'

Standing out from the crowd

Thanks in part to the Which? Trusted trader scheme, Furlonger Tree Services has managed to attract more business through word of mouth and positive reviews. Tom told us: ‘The tree-surgery industry is very competitive in Surrey and we wanted something to really help us stand out.

'I picked Which? over other vetting companies due to its prestigious reputation. Our business has definitely increased since joining the scheme.'

Our judging panel was impressed by the number of customer testimonials complimenting Tom and his team on a job well done. One reviewer was delighted to share that she received a bouquet of flowers from the company to congratulate her after the birth of her new baby. Another customer told the story of how he planted a Norway spruce in memory of his mother, who sadly passed away. The tree became too big for the garden and had to be felled. Tom's team dealt with the situation and then sent the customer a Christmas tree carved from the wood of the tree.

It’s this willingness to go above and beyond that has earned the company its trader of the month title.

We asked Tom what advice he would give to other companies thinking about getting involved with Which? Trusted Traders. He said: ‘It really is worthwhile. I would advise sharing the fact that you are a Which? Trusted trader as much as possible on social media, company stationery, vehicles and by giving the Which? Trusted Traders code of conduct to all of your customers before engaging in services.'

‘Our customers often read our Which? reviews before approaching us for free quotes.'

Many congratulations to our September 2018 Which? Trusted trader of the month, Furlonger Tree Services.

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