Justin Bucknell Electrical is a rapidly growing electrical contractor in in Bicester, Oxfordshire. Justin started the business immediately after finishing his apprenticeship and he has successfully built it up over the last 10 years. Justin and his team focus on residential and domestic work throughout Oxford and Bicester, alongside their long-term commercial and industrial clients in the area.

Outstanding customer service

Starting a business so young was a challenge at first for Justin, but he always aimed to provide a high-level of customer service and quality workmanship. He told us it was a steep learning curve, but he soon got processes in place that meant his customer service standards were a cut above the average.

Now, he prides himself on getting quotes back to his customers within 48 hours of any assessment. This level of communication continues all the way through the project, even to the extent of written confirmation and thanks on receipt of payment. 

It was this excellent customer service that won the award for Justin. He also takes the time to respond to each of the excellent reviews posted on his profile. ‘It’s part of creating an ongoing relationship with the customer,' he told us, 'the job isn’t over when they’ve paid their bill, you still need to give them great customer service.’

The appeal of being a Which? Trusted trader

Justin Bucknell Electrical joined Which? Trusted Traders at the start of 2016.  Although Justin tells us the diary was already full of planned work, he still felt it was worthwhile adding Which? Trusted Traders membership to his qualifications as Which? is such a trusted brand – something that he’d relied on when buying products in his own home. ‘I feel like it appeals to a certain type of customer where they trust that image, trust the brand,’ he said ‘Which? offers something that looks after the customer and gives them peace of mind.’

It has definitely benefited the business. Justin told us, ‘it does help. I’ve had customers who will only use Which? Trusted traders to do work in their homes.’ The other benefit has been the ability to negotiate with customers on price. Justin now finds that customers will pass over lower quotes in his favour, or come back to him to negotiate in order to secure his services, thanks to the Which? Trusted trader endorsement.

Using the logo

Justin really makes the most of his accreditation and makes full use of the Which? Trusted trader logo. 'It’s got to be plastered over everything,’ he told us. ‘We have it on our uniforms, leaflets, vans and marketing material. It’s as important as my company logo I think, really. It’s got to be side by side with that.’

Many congratulations to Justin and the team at Justin Bucknell Electrical - a well-deserved Trader of the Month.

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