Tell us a bit about the company.

Richard Healey Sr founded Richard Healey Removals Ltd in 1965. Although he is still very much involved, he has handed over much of the daily running of the business to his children, Richard Healey Jr and Georgina Berry, plus operations manager, Barry Howitt, who started with them as a porter when he was 16.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service. We have a few extra services we offer, such as a confidential document shredding service or really transparent fixed cost packages to our customers but on the whole I think it is our staff that make the difference.

We have more staff on permanent and full-time contracts, even during quiet times, than our competitors. Low staff turnover means that customers get experienced, well-trained and engaged staff working on each job. All of which equals better service.

What has been your experience of Which? Trusted Traders?

I’ve found it very good. I deal with most of the private clients. Although it’s not the biggest brand in removals, it is certainly the most recognised. I’m finding with Which? we are certainly getting a lot of calls from a far wider area than before wanting to speak to us, because of the brand association.

Personally I like it because it’s not about how big you are, how many trade groups you’re a member of. For me, it’s about the old-fashioned part of service – your customers, as oppose to how fancy are your lorries and how expensive are your uniforms.

We do have all that, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how good they are, if you don’t do the core basics to keep the customer happy.

You won Trader of the Month because of using the Which? Trusted Trader logo on your fleet and paperwork – what inspired you to do that?

We’ve come to realise that the Which? branding is more recognisable than other associations and gives extra reassurance to customers, so we have started adding that and promoting it more, as it works for us and for our business.

What advice would you give other traders wanting to make the most of their Which? Trusted Trader membership?

Get the logos on everything you can and increase awareness. There’s no point having it if not.

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