Real Boiler Servicing & Maintenance is owned, managed and run by Ibrahim Tural. His creative brand advocacy, taking his Which? Trusted trader accreditation to the Enfield Town and Country Show has earned his business the Which? Trusted trader of the month award for October 2015. 

A specialist service

Ibrahim started the business about four years ago, so he could better manage his time around his family responsibilities. It's a unique business in many ways - principally because the services they offer are restricted to servicing, repairing and maintaining boilers and a few plumbing maintenance jobs, including the landlord safety checks. Currently Ibrahim doesn't work on installations, as these can be lengthy jobs and wouldn't give him the flexibility he needs to keep the business and the family going. Some of his friends and former colleagues were dubious when Ibrahim chose to offer such a specialist service, but he's found the business has grown steadily, with customers returning to him even after having their boilers installed elsewhere.

Real Boiler Servicing & Maintenance has been endorsed by Which? Trusted Traders since July 2014. Ibrahim describes the scheme as 'phenomenal' and explained how it helped his relationships with customers. 'You deal with all sorts of people,' he said, 'but the customers I get through the Which? Trusted Traders site understand that I'm trying to help them, even if I'm giving them bad news about their boilers. The review system is a great tool for us. I leave the review cards with them and if someone takes the time to complete it, that speaks volumes. It means we've made a positive impression on them. It gives me feedback on what we're doing and how we're doing it.

I joined Which? Trusted Traders to stand out and be recognised. By having a strict code of conduct, it encourages us to keep our affairs in good order and helps us better serve our community. Which? Trusted Traders is not just an endorsement to gain new customers, but also an essential business tool to set and maintain exceptional standards, which is what we stand for.'

Being part of the community

Another unique element to the business is that it is focussed tightly on the Enfield and North London area. It was this association with the local community that inspired Ibrahim to have a stand at the annual Enfield Town and Country Show. This too was a family affair, with his teenage children and other family members helping out on the day. 'I had to drag them along to it kicking and screaming,' said Ibrahim, 'but they really enjoyed the day and they're right behind me and what I'm doing because they can see what I'm achieving.'

So how exactly did Ibrahim showcase the Which? Trusted Traders endorsement at the Enfield show? As well as a 42" LCD screen displaying the Which? Trusted Traders profile, he had a full-size, Formula 1 simulator, displaying the Which? Trusted Traders logo. Visitors were encouraged to record their fastest lap whilst being educated about the importance of Which? Trusted Traders and gas safety. Prizes given to some of the fastest competitors included Which? Trusted Traders branded wristbands. 

The Enfield Town & Country Show attracted 7,000 visitors, and 2,000 were present at Real Boiler Servicing & Maintenance’s stand. 'The Enfield show was absolutely fabulous,' said Ibrahim, 'and the overall turnout was very impressive. We held a fastest lap time competition, which was won by a 12 year old local boy who loves F1. Everyone was amazed that we weren't charging for the use of the car and just doing something for our local community. We also distributed almost 3000 gas safety related leaflets and gave away 12 Honeywell Co detectors and a Magna Clean as part of our prize draw.'

We asked Ibrahim what inspired him to showcase his endorsement at the event, 'I am proud of our endorsement and want to use every opportunity to show it off,' he said. 'People know and trust the Which? brand, so having it on display is reassuring for our current and potential customers. Using the logo demonstrates that we are a genuine, trustworthy business, offering good practical advice. When speaking to customers I feel there's a certain prestige associated with the Which? brand that customers recognise and respond to.'

Congratulations to Ibrahim and Real Boiler Servicing & Maintenance - October 2015's Trader of the Month.

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