Providing exceptional customer service has always been a key aim of etyres but demonstrating this to a consumer quickly and effectively can be difficult. “Tyre purchases are often made in a very time pressured situation. Motorists are so dependent on their vehicle that a day without it causes a major disruption. This requires them to quickly find a company they can rely on in a stressful situation” said etyres Managing Director Tony Bowman.

Independent accreditation was regarded as the best method of demonstrating high levels of service to a potential customer and etyres specifically chose the Which? Trusted Traders scheme because of the powerful brand authority that it possessed in the mind of the consumer.

Reviewing the requirements of the Which? Trusted Traders scheme also convinced etyres that the assessment process was an effective means of testing the quality of a business and service.

“I was aware that due to the high demands of the assessment, 1 in 4 traders do not complete the assessment process and that is partly why we chose it” Stated Mr Bowman. “I was always confident that etyres would pass the assessment process because of the systems we have in place but wanted to be part of a scheme that was sufficiently rigorous so that membership really demonstrated something significant”.