Cloudy2Clear has 46 branches all around the country. It works in the double-glazing industry but instead of replacing entire windows, it specialises in replacing broken, cracked or steamed-up glass – just the panes, not the frames. It was endorsed 12 months ago and has really embraced the scheme during that time.

Operations support manager, Kirk Williams was delighted with its win, saying: ‘January is the best month to get this award. It’ll give the whole team a lift at the start of the year, so we can start as we mean to go on.’ He is keen to use the award as motivation to maintain the team’s performance, as he says ‘We’re doing something right, so let’s keep going.’

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Committed to Which? Trusted Traders

Cloudy2Clear works hard to ensure all of its franchisees make the most of the Which? Trusted Traders endorsement in every way they can. They discuss the scheme with customers, and have the logo on their vans, paperwork and all of their workwear – even in head office, something that is quite unusual for many companies.

Even though Cloudy2Clear joined Which? Trusted Traders just 12 months ago, some of its franchise profiles already have more reviews than any other trader on the scheme. Reviews make a huge difference to customers when it comes to choosing a trader and they are a great measure of engagement with the scheme.

Kirk told us they monitor the amount of reviews each franchise receives and, alongside sales and conversion rates, use review numbers as one way of promoting some healthy competition among the network. This means that each team member has the review cards to hand on completion of a job, in order to stay ahead of their fellow franchise owners.

A boost to the business

Kirk and the Cloudy2Clear team take great pride in associating their brand with Which? Trusted Traders. ‘I think it has really promoted our business,’ says Kirk. ‘It’s made us raise our game and ensured we give the best possible service we can, because we’re endorsed as a brand.’

Kirk and the team are pleased to be part of a scheme that doesn’t let just anyone join. ‘I’ve worked in this industry for a while and I don’t know any other schemes like Which? Trusted Traders,’ says Kirk. ‘It is quite strict and will only take the best – that’s helped us in a way. It made us realise what we needed to do to offer that level of service. It gives everyone a lift and we all back it 100%.’

The Which? Trusted Traders endorsement isn't just lifting morale – sales and conversion rates have gone up too. ‘We didn’t join for it to be a lead source,’ says Kirk, ‘but the feedback we get from franchises is that it helps with conversions and sales. 12 months into the endorsement the momentum is building and we’re growing. Our like-for-like sales are £1 million up, with the same amount of leads. That speaks for itself.’

It makes a big difference to Cloudy2Clear’s customers too. ‘Our industry has such a bad reputation,’ says Kirk, ‘Being associated with Which? Trusted Traders gives customers faith in us, that we will do the job properly. We joined the scheme because we wanted to set ourselves apart from the average company who’ll turn up and write quotes on a piece of paper. Our sign-written vans and full uniform, complete with Which? Trusted trader logo, is part of that.’

Taking time out to help in the community

It’s not all work at Cloudy2Clear. The company also actively supports local charities, including helping to repair a school for disabled children and sponsoring an initiative to help disabled kids start playing squash and racketball.

So what next for Kirk and the team? After such a successful start to the year, Kirk wants to push on and aim for Trader of the Year. And why not? After all, 2017’s gone pretty well for Cloudy2Clear so far.

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