Standing out from the crowd with a detailed, passionate application, LCM Flat Roofing Ltd has been named Which? Trusted Trader of the Month for August 2020.

The family-run business specialises in flat roofing, but also provides a range of other roofing services. On a mission to treat its customers to a stellar service, LCM Flat Roofing Ltd covers the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and surrounding counties.

We caught up with Liam Mellor, proprietor of LCM flat roofing Ltd, to talk about the company’s evolution and the power of the Which? Trusted Trader logo.

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Watching the business grow

Any self-starting trader will tell you that building a business from the ground up is no easy task. But since Liam and his fiancé, Joanna, started LCM Flat Roofing Ltd almost 10 years ago, the determined pair has seen the business go from strength to strength.

Liam told us: ‘It makes me proud to see how far we’ve come. My idea started back in 2011, sitting with Joanna at the kitchen table.  I started with a couple of simple tools and a borrowed van!

'I believed in myself and knew that, if I worked hard enough, I would make this a successful business.’

Initially, Liam and Joanna had plans for their company to specialise in flat roofs. But over the years, the business has evolved to deal with other aspects of roofing such as pitched roofs, chimneys, soffits and guttering.

Recently, LCM Flat Roofing Ltd has seen a surge in the number of customers looking for conservatory conversions. Liam and his team remove the original glass roof, tile it and fit plaster and lighting. This can prevent conservatories from getting too warm in the summer, or too chilly in the winter.

Speaking to us about his work ethic, Liam said:  ‘What the customers don't see is that after a day on a roof, I’m often sat in the office until midnight, responding to customer queries and typing up quotes. Good communication with my customers is key.’

So what comes next for LCM Flat Roofing Ltd? Liam wants to expand the workforce without compromising the company’s high standards.

He said: ‘We aim to continue to grow, but I want to do this carefully so we don’t lose out on the quality of our work. Call me a control freak, but I always like to be on the job myself, so I’m assured our high standard of workmanship is delivered.’

Supporting the NHS

As the coronavirus pandemic puts increased strain on NHS workers, LCM Flat Roofing Ltd has stepped forward to give something back.

The company recently ran a competition, asking followers on Facebook to nominate a key worker who could win a full roof fascia, soffit and gutter clean, or £150 towards any roofing work. After learning about the competition, one of LCM Flat Roofing Ltd’s suppliers kindly donated the materials free of charge.

Three lucky winners were selected. One of them, a frontline worker, ended up saving more than £600 through the roofing services provided.

The company’s efforts to give back to those in need certainly turned the heads of our judges. One member of the panel said: ‘The competition for key workers was really sweet and lovely to see.’

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Proud to be a Which? Trusted Trader

LCM Flat Roofing Ltd features the Which? Trusted Trader logo everywhere it can, whether that’s at the top of a business card, on the side of a van, or on advertising boards left on site once the work is finished.

The company recently updated its website, with the Which? Trusted Trader logo being a key part of the makeover. Our judges also saw the logo featured heavily on LCM Flat Roofing Ltd’s social media profiles.

Our judging panel was delighted to see LCM Flat Roofing Ltd providing the sort of service expected from a Which? Trusted Trader. We spotted one customer review in the company's application that really jumped off the page.

It said: ‘LCM Flat Roofing Ltd installed a liquid rubber roof for me. As an extra, they sanded and undercoated the surrounding board which, as an elderly client, I am unable to reach and expected to pay extra for. There was no extra charge on the final bill – they did the job because they were up there.

'Liam’s team returned a few days later to fix an aerial wire which had become loose, again at no extra charge. LCM Flat Roofing LTD provided a friendly, professional service with a business ethic that went a step beyond expectation. I would certainly recommend them.’

Sign up with Which? Trusted Traders

Not just anyone can become endorsed as a Which? Trusted Trader, and that’s something customers truly value. We chatted with Liam about the benefits of signing up with the Which? Trusted Trader scheme.

He said: ‘My customers like to hear that I’m a Which? Trusted Trader. They value being able to look at my Trusted Trader profile and customer reviews.

‘I would encourage other traders to join the scheme. Being accredited offers your customers a security blanket – it gives them peace of mind.’

Congratulations to LCM Flat Roofing Ltd for winning August 2020’s Which? Trusted Trader of the Month award.

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