Wowing our judging panel with dedicated customer service and a willingness to go the extra mile, Inspiration Computers has been named Which? Trusted Trader of the Month.

Impressively, this isn’t the first time the Yorkshire-based company (established in 2003) has earned the title. The family-run business, which offers laptop and computer repairs, custom PC builds, web design and a host of other computer fixes, was also Trusted Trader of the Month back in November 2018.

Refusing to rest on their laurels, the Inspiration Computers team (made up of husband and wife Lee and Alison Grant) have continued to provide jargon-free advice to those who need it most. Both Lee and Alison are experienced PC technicians, with years of fixing broken tech under their belts.

We caught up with Inspiration Computers co-founder Alison to learn more about running a successful business, and the power of the Which? Trusted Trader title.

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Customers praise a service they can rely on

A trip to Inspiration Computers’ Trusted Trader profile page paints a very clear picture – this is a PC repair company loved and respected by its customers. Star ratings for customer service, quality and value for money are exceptional.

Those ratings seem even more impressive when you consider the size of the team. In Alison’s own words, it’s a ‘microbusiness’.

‘There’s just the two of us. Our children, aged five and seven, can sometimes be found in our back room; and of course Dolly, our little cockapoo, is usually to be found in the shop, desperate for a pat or a stroke.’

Inspiration Computers has a five-star rating on the Which? Trusted Traders website, backed by more than 150 glowing reviews. Customers who have dealt with the company multiple times over the years have praised the knowledgeable and trustworthy service it provides.

The Inspiration Computers team

Talking us through the challenges of running a business, Alison told us: ‘We’ve seen many other businesses come and go over the years, and we’re proud of our relative longevity in the marketplace. But what makes us most proud is that our lovely customers recommend us to their friends and family. That means we’re doing a good job, and also means we never have to worry about advertising – our advertising budget is literally £0!’

‘Because we’re such a small company, we also have the flexibility to give some of our time and services back to the community we work in. We support several local community groups and charities, and both of us volunteer for local organisations.’

A special home visit

Our judges were particularly touched by one story of a housebound customer struggling without a home phone line or broadband for over a week. After receiving a panicked phone call in the early hours of the morning, Alison visited before business hours to check on the customer in person.

Alison contacted Utility Warehouse and Openreach on the customer’s behalf, and a team was eventually assigned to the case, resulting in the telephone line being restored within 24 hours. Later that day, Alison paid the customer a second visit, this time accompanied by a delicious batch of fresh bread, some flowers and a box of chocolates. She stayed in touch until all services were restored.

This willingness to look after vulnerable consumers really made Inspiration Computers stand out to our judging panel.

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Lending a helping hand online

When the Inspiration Computers team aren’t helping PC owners get to grips with their machines in store, they’re answering member queries through the Which? Members Club Facebook page. There, Which? members can discuss the latest news and reviews, and seek advice on using products from fellow members and industry experts.

We’ve spotted Alison and Lee coming to the rescue online with advice on buying new computers, and troubleshooting older models that are playing up. This invaluable feedback isn’t going unnoticed – our judging panel saw it as clear proof that the company is willing to go the extra mile for consumers.

One of our judges said: ‘I think it's great to see companies helping people rather just looking out for new customers.’

The perks of being a Which? Trusted Trader

Speaking on the benefits of being a Trusted Trader, Alison told us: ‘Our customers love the scheme. You can see new customers visibly relax when they see that we’re a Which? Trusted Trader, as they know the Which? brand and trust it.

‘It gives them confidence that they’re dealing with a business that is competent and strives for high standards, and that they’re going to get a good job at a fair price.’

We asked Alison what she would say to traders thinking of signing up for the Which? Trusted Trader scheme. Her response: ‘Just do it!’

She continued: ‘If you’re a company that really values the customer, and is aiming for high standards all the time, then a Which? Trusted Trader badge is a badge to wear with pride. The Trusted Traders team are a great help; they’re always available to talk to, and will help you to make the most of your endorsement.’

‘The Trusted Trader logo has been proudly displayed by Inspiration Computers since 2015. We are nearly into our sixth year. Originally we joined to give customers peace of mind that we could be trusted, as handing a personal or work computer over to a stranger is quite an act of trust, with all the data that’s involved these days.’

Congratulations to Inspiration Computers for winning March 2020’s Trusted Trader of the Month.

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