Entrepreneurial brothers Gurdeep and Manjit Lall have taken 2 RED Ltd from bedroom start-up to high-growth business in only three years.

The business specialises in boiler replacement, solar PV installations and insulation for lofts, cavity walls, solid walls and under-floor applications. Established in 2012, the business has grown rapidly and now employs eight people.

Co-owner Gurdeep Lall puts the business’ success down to its attitude to customer service and quality. 'For us, anything less than ‘5 out of 5’ is not good enough,' he says. 'Our customer service is what differentiates 2 RED Ltd from the competition. From start to finish, we want customers to have the best possible experience.'

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Five star reviews for five star service

Testament to the work 2 RED Ltd puts into its customer service, the business has already received nearly 50 reviews on the Which? Trusted Traders website. 'We want to double that within a few months,' explains Gurdeep. 'When we visit prospective customers, we always recommend they spend a few minutes looking at our reviews on Which? Trusted Traders. Consumers know those reviews are genuine, and they sell our service better than we ever could.'

Prospective customers are also reminded of 2 RED’s Which? Trusted Traders endorsement through the company’s clever use of the scheme icon. 'We’ve put the logo on all of the customer-facing elements of our business,' says Gurdeep. 'From our vans, to our sales packs and paperwork – we seize every opportunity to remind people that we’re part of Which? Trusted Traders. Plus, on our website and emails, we direct people straight to our Which? Trusted Traders profile page so that they can see our recommendations.'

2 RED Ltd receives several calls from consumers who found the business on Which? Trusted Traders every week. Gurdeep also finds that use of the scheme logo in other advertising has a beneficial effect. 'We do some display advertising in a local, printed magazine. Being able to use the Which? Trusted Traders logo there really makes our advertising spend go further. The logo is immediately recognisable as a mark of quality, and we find that customers who are familiar with Which? typically look for high quality products and service over cheap deals.'

With his sights set on continued business growth, Gurdeep reflects on the business journey so far. 'Running any small business has its ups and downs. There are always new things to learn. But I can honestly say that joining Which? Trusted Traders is one of the best things we did. It’s helping our business to succeed and to grow.'

'It takes a long time to build trust the old-fashioned way,' says Gurdeep, 'but just a few minutes for someone to see that 2 RED Ltd is worthy of their trust online at Which? Trusted Traders.'

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