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Trader of the Month December 2015: The Aerial Man (Dan Grace) Ltd

Flying the flag for Which? Trusted Traders, meet our trader of the month for December 2015 - The Aerial Man (Dan Grace) Ltd

Celebrating their first year anniversary with Which? Trusted Traders, The Aerial Man (Dan Grace) Ltd have literally been flying the flag for Which? Trusted Traders ever since they have been endorsed. Operations manager Richard Mckenzie explains what attracted his business to Which? Trusted Traders: 'When I saw Which? turning their honesty, high values and experience in reviews on the service industry I knew we had to be part of it from the offset. Even though we are working towards some industry specific accreditations, an endorsement from Which? is by far the highest and in my mind most recognisable (in the public eye) accolade we can aim for.'

Brand awareness is key

Selected as Which? Trusted trader of the month for their brand advocacy outside of their High Street shop in Hanham, Richard explains that brand awareness and association was a key goal for the business:'I knew we needed every person who thinks of The Aerial Man (Dan Grace) Ltd to instantly think of the Which? Trusted trader scheme and our part in it. Our choice of location on Hanham High street was not chosen by accident, we knew is was a major commuter route to both Bristol and Bath. With that in mind the mounting of our double sided Which? Trusted trader flag on the front or our High Street shop was a clear choice to catch the eye of all the passing traffic, and as you can see by our Which? Trusted trader reviews it must be working.'

A service for all ages

Indeed, The Aerial Man (Dan Grace) Ltd have amassed an incredible 119 customer recommendations throughout the past 12 months. Richard explains the impact their endorsement has had on business. 'We have had people coming off the street who don't actually need our services in the immediate future but come in to collect a business card and congratulate us on our Which? Trusted trader recognition. The biggest surprise is the response we have had from the younger generations - we seriously underestimated the demographic that Which? as a brand appeals to.'

Could you be our next TOTM?

The Aerial Man (Dan Grace) Ltd are Which Trusted trader of the month, courtesy of their brand advocacy they shared with us on Twitter. If you showcase your recent work, brand advocacy or generate excellent customer reviews then you could be the next Which? Trusted trader of the month! Find out all you need to know in our guide to being the next Which? Trusted trader of the month.

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