One of the many benefits of being endorsed as a Which? Trusted Trader is having access to our Dispute Resolution Ombudsman (DRO). 

The DRO is designed to support you with complaints that have reached deadlock, and allow an independent third-party to review both sides of the story before making a decision. 

The service is free to customers of endorsed traders, and if the DRO rules in the favour of you, Which? Trusted Traders will absorb the cost of using the Ombudsman. 

We have recently released a Fair Usage policy to ensure that Traders who receive a disproportionate of cases will be required to pay the DRO fee for any case that exceed the fair usage policy, irrespective of the outcome of the case.

The policy is attached for your awareness, and came into effect from the 10th October 2020. 

In light of our Fair Usage policy, we would also like to remind you about the support on our site that you can find out about how to handle customer complaints and what to do when a customer can’t or won’t pay. There is also further guidance in our article about what to do when you are in dispute with your customer.

As part of your endorsement, you also have access to free legal advice regarding employment law, supplier contract negotiations, and general legal advice on running your business. 

If you have any questions regarding the Fair Usage policy, or any other content in this email, please contact your Account Manager by calling us on 01174 566 031 or emailing us at