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Engine Carbon Clean East Midlands - F5ECC

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Aug 22
Apr 2020


The experts in diagnosing and restoring engine performance, efficiency and reducing emissions for public, trade and fleet across the East Midlands region.

Engine Carbon Clean East Midlands (F5ECC) is IMI Certified, Which? Trusted Trader Approved and also a member of the Federation of Small Businesses.

We cover all East Midlands counties: Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Rutland, plus the north of Cambridgeshire.

A fully insured mobile service suitable for all combustion engines running petrol, diesel or LPG, no matter what age, engine size or mileage.

Carbon is a natural by-product of burning fossil fuels in a combustion engine. Carbon buildup gathers over time and causes an engine to labour, vibrate and over fuel. This leads to excessive:

- rumble and shake
- fuel usage (declining MPG)
- smoke and emissions
- wear and tear on other components (engine mounts, etc.)
- DPF regeneration in Diesel vehicles.
- sluggishness, lag and sticking turbo

What we do

  • Car repairs, servicing and MOTs

  • Engine repairs and servicing

    • Car engine tuning and diagnostic services
    • Engine Cleaning
    • Engine Detox
  • Vehicle inspection services

  • More Services

    • dpf clean
    • carbon clean
    • engine detox
    • engine decoke

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267 reviews
Customer Service
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Excellent service once again.
Customer Service
Once again a massive Thankyou to Adrian at Engine Carbon Clean East Midlands. This is the second time i have booked Adrian for a carbon clean and i wouldnt use anybody else. This man is very proffesional is his work and has a passion for it. After buying a 5 series BMW with 92k on the clock i wanted to know just what condition my engine was in. Adrian showed me the live data on the diagnostics and showed me x2 error codes in the cars ecu. Following the carbon clean, The car is now even quieter, more responsive with a noticable return on the MPG, 26mpg around town before, now 32MPG. 36 MPG on the dual carriageway now at 45 mpg. If you have bought a new car like me and want to find out about its health and give it some preventative maintanece then Adrian is your man. Highly reccomend this service .
Customer in Leicestershire Posted on 08/12/2021 , work completed 08/12/2021
The trader replied (on 08/12/2021)
Thanks for the review - was great to see you again and help you with your BMW
Highly professional and the best by far.
Customer Service
I recently had a carbon clean on my seat, the process was easy and straightforward from start to finish. Very knowledgeable & professional. This company is without a doubt the best out there so don't waste your time searching for another. I will definitely be using again in the future highly recommended 👌
Customer in Leicestershire Posted on 30/11/2021 , work completed 30/11/2021
The trader replied (on 01/12/2021)
Thanks for the review - was a pleasure meeting you and helping you with your Seat
Professional, on time, very knowledgeable and helpful.
Customer Service
Had soot filter full come up a few times on my 2007 Volvo xc70awd P3. Short journeys it seemed to regenerate, but on a couple of long journeys, it went into limp mode. I called Adrian to do a carbon clean and diagnostic check, and I was expecting the worse of either a deep clean on the dpf filter or even replacing it. Adrian put his machine on it and the soot filter was fluctuating but he could tell that it wasn't full yet but regeneration wasn't working. He suggested the dpf pressure sensor along with a new thermostat. Had both replaced and car is now back to full power, and no more soot filter full warnings. The carbon clean has also made the car feel far more responsive. Thanks Adrian 10/10
Customer in Cambridgeshire Posted on 24/11/2021 , work completed 01/11/2021
The trader replied (on 29/11/2021)
Thanks for the review and yes unless a DPF is blocked then there is NO NEED for a DPF Clean - was a pleasure meeting you and helping you with your Volvo.
Engine Carbon Clean: Volvo V60
Customer Service
So right from the original contact Adrian was professional, knowledgeable and honest and provided me with in-depth information about why I wouldn't need one of the services I asked him to quote for (even though this would of earned him more money), this impressed me as several other companies had just provided me with a quote without one of them saying perhaps I don't need the service. Following this I booked in for an Engine Carbon Clean on my Volvo V60 with Adrian who kept me informed of ETA the night before and on the day and was extremely punctual (even arriving early but only after checking it was okay to do). Throughout the procedure Adrian was more than happy to answer my question at explain to me what he was doing at each stage. After the clean, my engine was notable running quieter. I took it for a test drive after Adrian left and am very happy with the result, the car feels smoother to drive, feeling more responsive through the revs. Could not recommend Adrian highly enough, very knowledgeable, very professional and a genuinely nice guy.
Customer in Northamptonshire Posted on 17/11/2021 , work completed 17/11/2021
The trader replied (on 18/11/2021)
Thanks for the review - was a pleasure meeting you and helping you with your Volvo
Amazing service 10/10
Customer Service
Engine Carbon Clean responded promptly to my initial enquiry allowing me to have the work completed on my car within days. I have a 2007 BMW 525d. They arrived bang on time and completed work on my car to a professional standard. My car hadn’t completed a successful DPF regeneration in over 5000 miles which was due to a faulty sensor. After the engine clean, I have since replaced the sensor. I have noticed my car is undoubtably smoother on startup and performance on these colder days thanks to the clean. Would high recommend.
Customer in Lincolnshire Posted on 08/11/2021 , work completed 03/11/2021
The trader replied (on 08/11/2021)
Thanks for the review - was a pleasure meeting you and helping you with your BMW
Great job and Informative
Customer Service
Had my Audi's engine carbon cleaned by Adrian today. Very informative, honest and professional throughout, the car feels smoother through the full rev-range and the hesitation under throttle has gone. Well worth the money.
Mark in Nottinghamshire Posted on 08/10/2021 , work completed 08/10/2021
The trader replied (on 11/10/2021)
Thanks for the review Mark - was a pleasure seeing you again and helping you with your Audis
Thank you once again
Customer Service
Think I have used Adrian services at Engine Carbon Clean five times now on different cars. Excellent service as per the norm. Proof is in the pudding, returning customers this many times tells you something. Just had it done as general maintenance @ 24,000 miles & yes you can feel the difference. Been told to keep this car Adrian, so you will not see me again till 50,000, but for sure you will be seeing me & my car again. Big thank you as always 👍
Customer in Nottinghamshire Posted on 07/10/2021 , work completed 05/10/2021
The trader replied (on 13/10/2021)
Thanks for the review - was great to see you again and always happy to help
Diagnostic and Carbon Clean
Customer Service
Hi Adrian out to look a fault and carbon clean my car. 100% would recommend and will use again. Very knowledgeable about what he does and took the time explains things to me. He even follows up to check how things are after. Well worth every penny!
Customer in Northamptonshire Posted on 06/10/2021 , work completed 06/10/2021
The trader replied (on 07/10/2021)
Thanks for the review - was a pleasure meeting you and helping you with your Hyundai
Customer Service
I have had Adrian out before for carbon cleans but yesterday I had him out to clean my DPF as I have been struggling getting it to regenerate. Adrian is full of knowledge and always tells you straight. He sorted my DPF out as it had been in limp mode for a few weeks now. Great service great price great guy will definitely be going back.
Customer in Derbyshire Posted on 05/10/2021 , work completed 04/10/2021
The trader replied (on 06/10/2021)
Thanks for the review - was great to see you again and help you with your car
Another Visit from the Master at F5ECC
Customer Service
Booked Adrian in again for a Carbon Clean and this time on my newly purchased VW Passat 2.0 TDI and also an issue with my Step sons Audi A3 2.0 TDI which requires a DPF clean. Vw on the inspection through the Diagnostic machine everything was running sweet, after the Carbon Clean there is an Instantly noticeable difference on the throttle response and a lot smoother now. The Audi has been a nightmare for a couple of months, This had been to a couple of garages with the car in limp mode and wouldn’t re-generate, on inspection he was informed that it required a DPF Sensor changing , this didn’t work , then he was informed it require a Turbo Actuator , didn’t work and then apparently it required a lambda sensor. The issue was still there, A phone call to Adrian and instantly with an answer to why it won’t re-generate is because the issue had not been diagnosed early enough and therefor the DPF was clogged up. On his Diagnostic machine the back pressure was 100 ,and the worst he had experienced on a Vag Engine , A further Code saying high Ash content, It wasn’t looking good but Adrain said he was confident he could resolve the issues , after a DPF clean the back pressure dropped to 10 from 100 and it was a success , The car Re-Generated and is running really well now. Absolute Gentleman has always and very professional with a huge amount of knowledge. Another fantastic Job and thank you… Richard
Richard in Derbyshire Posted on 05/10/2021 , work completed 04/10/2021
The trader replied (on 05/10/2021)
Thanks for the review Richard - always a pleasure and always glad to help you with your vehicles