Many congratulations to Homeglaze Home Improvements Ltd the winners of the 2017 Which? Trader of the Year award. Now in its third year, the Trader of the Year trophy was presented to Managing Director, Colin Morgan and his team at the ceremony today.

Natasha Kaplinsky and Which? CEO, Peter Vicary-Smith co-hosted the ceremony at King’s Place in London. Which? Trusted Trader of the Year is everyone's favourite award. This year's winners, Homeglaze Home Improvements, were thrilled by the win. Colin thanked Which? and his team during his speech, saying 'It's great to make a difference in this industry and thank you to my staff - they are brilliant.' 

It had been a big week for Colin already - a family member had come through a big operation, he'd completed on a property and has now won a Which? award. In a brief interview after the ceremony he reiterated how important the award was to Homeglaze and to the double-glazing industry. He said, 'When we started out, the big players all thought we were mad, that you couldn't do double-glazing like that, as a small independent. This award shows that you can. It makes it all worth it - all the effort we put in, all those times we went the extra mile, it was all worth it.'  He hopes that the award will provide a boost for the business, allowing Homeglaze to expand their operations and maybe open another branch in the coming year.

Reception for the nominees

Representatives from all four shortlisted traders attended a champagne reception prior to the ceremony, where they mixed with representatives from the major national and international organisations who were nominated for other awards.

Homeglaze Home Improvements Ltd

Craig Haycock - Proclene

Finesse Windows Ltd

Justin Bucknell Electrical Ltd

The ceremony itself took place in a modern auditorium, where after a short introduction from Natasha Kaplinsky, Peter Vicary-Smith gave a speech related to the importance of consumer affairs in the coming months and years.

All the nominees were congratulated on their presence, as they represented the strongest in their field. The four shortlisted Which? Trusted traders represent the top four traders in a scheme with over 8,000 traders.

The Which? Awards

The Which? Awards are held annually to recognise excellent products and services offered by companies. This is their eleventh year and there are eleven categories, including the Trader of the Year award. Representatives of some of the UK’s biggest companies were in attendance.

The awards were established to recognise excellent customer service and cover sectors such as insurance, supermarkets, banking, retail and telecoms. Unlike some industry awards, a company cannot put itself forward for a Which? Award. Only the very best of the best are shortlisted – there is no quota.

Which? does not profit from the Awards – the Awards are self-funded and receipt of the Awards is not dependent on sponsorship or payment.

Shortlists and winners are determined by Which? experts who pore over the results of our own investigations, surveys and test results to select a shortlist and overall winner in each category. Award winners are allowed to use the Which? Awards icon for one year at brand level, in recognition of their achievement and to help people make a more informed choice at the point of purchase.

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