If you’ve ever had a water leak in your home, you’ll know just how much mess and destruction it can cause.

That was the problem that greeted electrician Dan Haynes recently when he turned up at an elderly customer’s house.

Water had leaked through the woman’s ceiling and soaked the ground-floor carpets, meaning that he couldn’t do the electrical work he’d been hired to do.

While some people might have walked away, Dan rolled up his sleeves, hired a wet vacuum and spent several hours clearing up the water - without charging any labour for the day.

His efforts to go above and beyond for his customers have earned his business, Lek-Trix Limited, the Trader of the Month title for August.

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Making someone’s day

Dan and Frankie from Lek-Trix Limited

The water-leak story was just one example of Dan’s dedication to customer service that impressed our judges.

His glowing reviews on the Trusted Traders site praise his ‘excellent’ and ‘efficient’ service, and regularly describe him as ‘polite’, ‘hardworking’ and ‘trustworthy’.

One recent review from a housebound disabled couple thanked Dan and his team for working around visits from their carers, and for keeping the power on as much as possible during the work so they could continue to use their appliances.

‘You’ve really got to care about people in this job,’ Dan told us. ‘There’s no way on earth I could turn up and act like I’m more important than the carers.

‘I think people just need to stop and help every now and again. The world is running at 100mph all the time, but giving a little bit of help and showing someone you care can make their day.’

This philosophy continues beyond his regular customers, too, as Dan also likes to volunteer in his community. He recently helped to complete electrical work in shipping containers being turned into homes by Help Bristol’s Homeless.

He’s now planning a regular charity-donation scheme, where a portion of earnings from each job will be donated to a local charity, with a different cause benefiting each quarter.

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Giving you an edge over the competition

Dan from Lek-Trix in his Trusted Trader-branded workwear and his van

Lek-Trix, run by Dan and his partner Frankie, joined Trusted Traders about three years ago, and are still seeing the benefits of our endorsement.

Customers are now so used to seeing the logo on Dan’s van, that when he temporarily removed it to get the sign writing redesigned, he found that people noticed and asked where the logo had gone.

‘Trusted Traders is more recognised by customers than a lot of electrical governing bodies,’ he explained.

‘It just gives you that edge over the competition, because people know who it is. It’s that element of trust.’

Thanks to this win, Dan will now have an additional logo to show off to his customers. Congratulations to Lek-Trix, the winners of August’s Trusted Trader of the Month.

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