MB Heating Solutions has been named Which? Trusted Trader of the Month for February 2022. 

Endorsed by Which? Trusted Traders since 2017, MB Heating Solutions is based in Rotherham, Yorkshire. It specialises in heating, plumbing, bathroom fitting, boiler installation and servicing.

The company’s three engineers and three office-based staff make it a priority to provide a high level of customer service at all times.

Trusted Trader account manager Luke Edgington said: ‘It has been a pleasure working with Michael and Victoria, working towards our goal of winning Trader of the Month. I am so happy MB Heating has won, as it is thoroughly deserved.’

We spoke to Michael Birds, Director of MB Heating Solutions, to delve into the reasons behind the company’s success. 

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Excellent, reliable service for all

After developing his technical skills at a national company, Michael wanted to work directly with and help people in his local area. He said: ‘I set up the business to be able to follow my own vision. Having the ability to steer things forward towards something positive makes it all worthwhile.’

The desire to provide great service to all is reflected in MB Heating’s Which? Trusted Trader reviews. The company is recommended by 99% of customers, and has Trusted Trader scores of 4.9 out of 5 overall, 4.9 for customer service, 4.9 for quality and 4.8 for value. 

Excellent work and reliable service is a recurring theme throughout the reviews left by happy customers. One satisfied customer said: ‘Extremely happy and impressed with the service and installation of the work carried out by Michael. I would definitely use MB Heating Solutions again and would recommend them to anyone looking for excellent heating and plumbing services.’ 

Educating and informing customers in uncertain times

Climate change, rising energy prices and the upcoming shift away from gas heating have made for turbulent times in the heating industry. Many people are concerned about increased costs and are uncertain how best to prepare for the future. 

MB Heating has sought to reassure, educate and assist customers and the wider public in an accessible way. For example, during the frantic media coverage about increasing gas prices, the company used Facebook to post a range of simple steps homeowners could take to improve the energy efficiency of their home as well as providing some calm reassurance. Michael also offered free advice sessions to answer questions and ease worries about home heating. 

Michael also represented MB Heating on ITV news and at a Sky News Big Ideas Live Business and the Economy event. He offered insights and advice into home heating to help homeowners navigate a market that can be complex. 

MB Heating’s desire to help others, beyond just its own customers, particularly impressed the judging panel. One judge said: ‘I really like how they're putting themselves out there to help all consumers, not just customers of theirs, through the info on ITV and their advice on Facebook. Consumers are at the heart of everything they do.’

Michael said: ‘Through the business I have met and served thousands of people in and around Rotherham over the years, and have built my online presence to allow me to educate and inform the public on matters we all need to take seriously.’

Diversity and charity champion

Michael is passionate in promoting racial equality and is a strong ambassador for black-owned businesses in Rotherham, promoting diversity and equality wherever possible. During Black History Month, Michael shared his personal family story on social media to bring positivity rather than division to online discussions about race.

Supporting local charities is also a priority for the business. MB Heating donated £5 for every customer who booked any of its services throughout October 2021, raising money for a local charity which provides gifts for the poorest children in the world. This meant they were able to sponsor 73 boxes of gifts. 

Michael said: ‘My pride comes from knowing I'm leading the team to do things the right way. An added bonus of running the business is the platform we have to help and support causes we feel passionately about. Supporting others who promote inclusivity and fairness through charity endeavours has been a humbling experience.’

He hopes to raise the bar for what customers can expect from trade businesses, which are often embedded in their local communities so are in a strong position to help.

Which? Trusted Trader status brings recognition and trust

Michael told us that many new customers say they saw MB Heating Solutions on the Which? website, or noticed the logo on his van. He said: ‘We find that [the Which? endorsement means that] customers approach us with a presumption that we can be trusted, which helps to overcome some of the barriers customers have when dealing with a business they've never used before.’

The decision to become an endorsed trader stemmed from the values of MB Heating aligning with Which?. Michael said: ‘Which? aims to make life simpler, fairer and safer for everyone, goals we are keen to support. The guidelines we adhere to as part of the scheme support us to implement our own high standards within our business.’

Finally, Michael said: ‘Getting accreditation from Which? is not an easy task, but this is testament to the fact that it doesn’t endorse just any company. The assessment process was supportive and productive. You're given advice along the way and equipped with resources and guidance that will be useful in your everyday business practice. If you have high standards and want to give your customers the very best service, the endorsement is well worth striving for.’

Congratulations to MB Heating Solutions for winning February 2022’s Which? Trusted Trader of the Month award. 

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