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How to avoid a burst pipe

Preventing damage to your pipes is always easier and more cost effective than repairing any damage that might occur. The team at South London Heating are experts when it comes to preventing pipe damage, here are their top tips.

A burst pipe has the potential to cause a considerable amount of damage. South London Heating Ltd advise that “leaks could weaken the structural integrity of the walls, could cause damage to electrical equipment and ruin carpets and furnishings. You’ll need to act fast to minimize any damage."

So how do you prevent a burst pipe in the first place? Here are South London Heating Ltd's top tips:

- Check that your boiler has been serviced – you’ll need to service your boiler annually to ensure optimum performance

- Minimise draughts from outside and close doors and windows to any unheated parts of the property

- If you have tanks or pipes in the roof space, open the loft hatch to allow warm air to circulate

- Leave the heating on low when you are away and get a friend or neighbour to check the property regularly

- Keep your home as warm as possible, even if you are out

- Make sure that all taps are turned off properly, especially last thing at night

- Repair any dripping taps and don’t forget to insulate outside taps in your garden or garage (or turn off the water supply to them altogether)

- Know where the internal stop/tap valve is (it’s usually under the kitchen sink) and how to turn it off

- Check that all pipes exposed to cold and draughty environments such as lofts are properly pipe-lagged

Burst pipe? Find out how to deal with the issue

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