Dedicated to providing customers with the best service possible, JNJ Building Services Ltd has been named Which? Trusted Trader of the Month for January 2021.

The contractor, which has a flawless 5.0 customer rating on the Which? Trusted Traders website, prides itself on offering home conversions finished to a particularly high standard. Judging by JNJ’s glowing reviews on Which? Trusted Traders, the team is doing a fantastic job.

We had a chat with Jamie Jenkins, Director at JNJ Building Services Ltd, to learn more about the company’s journey so far and its impressive charity work.

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Getting started

JNJ Building Services Ltd was founded back in 2014, and the team has been going from strength to strength ever since. Jamie told us that construction work has always been a shared passion within the family, starting with his grandfather.

The company head told us: ‘Our team is now made up of 20 people. This consists of four of my close family members - my father, brother and two uncles. The other 15 team members are close friends that we have got to know over the years.

‘Since opening JNJ Building Services, we have met many great people. These people are very much valued and have never been taken for granted, as they have played a pivotal role shaping the company. We pride ourselves on giving first-class construction advice to potential customers. Even if the client decides not to use us, we know that we have given them the knowledge to complete a successful construction project.’

Happy customers praise a job well done

Take a look at JNJ’s trader page on our website and you’ll see that the company scores top marks for customer service, quality and value for money.

One delighted customer says: ‘After considering many building contractors, we decided to employ JNJ Building Services Ltd due to their reputation in the west London area. Their appointment was also decided due to the accreditations they have been given from various professional bodies and previous high-quality work they have completed in the area.

‘JNJ, from initiation to completion, always maintained a very high standard. They were punctual, adhered to health and safety regulations at all times and always gave an excellent appearance. They left the site tidy and safe.’

Another customer was just as complimentary in their review, writing: ‘I booked JNJ to knock down an internal wall to open up my kitchen and dining room into one space. The company stood out because they brought in a structural engineer to assess the project before I agreed to go ahead. This gave me a lot of confidence that they were taking it seriously. They also seemed very knowledgeable and professional.’

Flaunting the Which? Trusted Trader logo

Speaking about the power of the Trusted Trader logo in JNJ’s Trader of the Month application, Jamie told us: ‘We value the scheme, as we recognise the importance it holds as a trusted database of competent construction professionals.

‘We ensure that, for every job we carry out, we work to an excellent standard. Being a Which? Trusted Trader is critically important to us and the longevity of the JNJ Building Services Ltd brand.’

From flicking through JNJ’s application, we saw how the team proudly shows off the Which? Trusted Trader logo as often as it can. You’ll find the logo on the group’s work vans and on the team’s uniforms.

Jamie adds: ‘With every project that we carry out, having the Which? Trusted Trader logo [on display] is standard. It shows the public that we belong to a reputable brand.

‘We could not recommend joining Which? Trusted Trader enough. By joining the scheme, you’re showing the local community that you’re bigger and better than the competition. This will very much increase your credentials and your reputation within construction.’

Dealing with mental health

JNJ Building Services Ltd is clearly a company that recognises the importance of mental health. In the group’s Trader of the Month application, we read about the various ways the company looks after its employees.

‘At JNJ Building Services Ltd, we understand that poor mental health within the construction industry is a major problem. Therefore, we focus heavily on deterring substance misuse, alcohol misuse and the rise in online gambling.

‘We have joined up with Mates in Mind to help us deal with these problems. This is a registered mental health charity and highly regarded within the industry – it’s dedicated to the wellbeing of people working within the construction industry.’

Aside from its work with Mates in Mind, JNJ also hosts away-days for the team four times a year, where staff can enjoy some time together outside of a working environment. Staff members also have a weekly one-to-one with their managers.

Jamie told us: ‘We pride ourselves on having a happy and loyal workforce.’

Our judges really enjoyed hearing about the ways in which JNJ supports its workers. One member of our panel said: ‘The work they are doing in their community and with their employees is great.’

Working with local charities

JNJ Building Services Ltd has recently teamed up with a food waste charity called Surplus to Supper.

Chatting about the partnership in the company’s Trader of the Month application, Jamie explained: ‘We recognise that parts of society across the UK are suffering, particularly when it comes to food poverty. The coronavirus pandemic has had a severe impact on many families.

‘Every Thursday, we work the evening at the charity. Our responsibility is to collect the edible food across many leading supermarkets in the Surrey area – this food would have been destined for landfill. The food is collected by Surplus to Supper and then redistributed to food banks, community groups, homeless shelters, children’s breakfast clubs, domestic violence refuges and Scout groups.

Our judges were blown away by the charity work carried out by JNJ Building Services. One member of our panel said: ‘I loved reading this Trader of the Month application. So much thought and attention has gone into it. It was a ‘yes!’ from me the minute I read about Surplus to Supper.’

Another judge added: ‘Their charity work is great! This is an excellent example of a detailed Which? Trusted Trader of the Month application form – I’m really impressed.’

Congratulations to JNJ Building Services Ltd for winning January 2021’s Which? Trusted Trader of the Month award.

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