Many congratulations to Finesse Windows Ltd, the family-owned glazing business that designs, manufactures and installs windows, doors and conservatories throughout the West Midlands area. July 2017’s Which? Trusted trader of the month winner has a strong customer-service ethic, which shines through in the firm’s daily working practices and the large number of positive reviews on its Which? Trusted Traders profile.

Could you be the next Which? Trusted trader of the month? Find out how to enter with our guide to the process. Read on for more about this month’s winner.

A family business

Finesse Windows Ltd was founded by the father of current owners Russell and Ellie Bridge in 1981. From one man and his van, the business has grown to around 40 staff. Finesse has its own showroom and factory, so customers can see a selection of products in situ to help them choose before they are designed, manufactured and installed by the Finesse team.

Managing director Russell Bridge was delighted with the win. He told us: ‘We’ve been trying to win it. It’s been on our agenda, so it’s a big tick in that box.’ After being shortlisted for Trader of the year this year, Finesse Windows has the big prize firmly in its sights for next year. ‘We see winning Trader of the month as a stepping stone,’ said Russell. ‘We want to win the whole thing.’

Russell is going to make full use of the status of Which? Trusted trader of the month in the meantime. ‘It’s something that we can share with our customers. We’ll be using it in our email communications and every time we meet a new prospect. It’s great for our customers, and helps spread the word about Which? Trusted Traders, too.’

Joining Which? Trusted Traders

Finesse Windows Ltd was already a successful customer-focused business when it joined Which? Trusted Traders. ‘We always got good feedback,’ Russell said, but the business has built on that with its Which? Trusted Traders endorsement. Russell explained that the company talks to all its customers about the scheme, uses the logo in its advertising and hand-delivers the feedback forms to customers.

As a result, Finesse Windows Ltd has definitely made the most of its Trusted Traders membership. Russell says he is actively using the Which? customer-service message to refine every part of the company’s business processes to ensure that Finesse is delivering value to its customers. We’re sure this can only lead to more success in the future.

Finesse has already built up an impressive bank of positive reviews on its profile page. Russell said the reviews are important to the team: ‘Most of our employees look at the website constantly. They are really motivated by the reviews, and want to see that everything is going in the right direction.’ Finesse Windows Ltd also takes the time to respond to its reviews – another excellent demonstration of great customer service and engagement with the scheme.

Working with customers and the community

One of the points that particularly impressed the judging panel this month was Finesse Windows Ltd’s unusual use of the Which? Trusted Traders branding. One example is how Finesse is currently running a social media campaign, where its customers pose in front of their new conservatory, door or windows in a picture frame showing the Which? Trusted Traders logo.

Finesse Windows Ltd has also brought the Which? Trusted Traders message into its work with the local community. Russell told us about how a school that needed extra space was given a bus to use by a local bus company. Finesse Windows in turn donated a door, as the electric doors on the bus weren’t suitable for its new use as a classroom. ‘We’re always looking for clever ways to use your branding, so it all tied up nicely,’ Russell said.  ‘The bus even matched the Which? colours.’

Well done to Finesse Windows Ltd – an excellent Which? Trusted trader of the month.

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