Impressing our judging panel with its ongoing charity work and positive customer feedback, Access4Lofts Liverpool North has been named Which? Trusted Trader of the Month.

The company, which is based in Liverpool and supports surrounding areas, deals with loft ladders, boarding, lighting and storage. It currently employs nine installers and one admin staff member. To date, the company is responsible for more than 1,500 ‘trouble-free’ loft installations.

We caught up with Josh Norgate, company director at Access4Lofts Liverpool North alongside Josh Brierley, to find out more about how the company benefits from its Which? Trusted Trader endorsement.

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Happy customers have their say

At the time of writing, Access4Lofts Liverpool North has a flawless 5-star customer rating on the Which? Trusted Traders website. The company scores top marks for customer service, quality of service and value for money.

Josh told us: ‘I love being able to provide a service that makes such a difference to customers’ homes. Access4Lofts is a great network of people with a great level of support and opportunity.’

Initially, the coronavirus pandemic had a huge impact on the business, as it prevented the Access4Lofts team from entering customers’ properties. Access4Lofts was closed for eight weeks back in 2020, but Josh says the business has ‘flourished and expanded on quite a large scale’ since then.

One positive customer review on the Trusted Traders website says: ‘We had our loft completed by the team at Access4Lofts Liverpool North and they were brilliant. The team was lovely and got the job done quickly and professionally. Our loft looks massive now and we can finally get up there properly to store items and get to our boiler.

‘I would recommend this company to anyone. The communication was excellent, from the day I requested a quote to when the job was completed. You couldn’t ask for more!’

Another satisfied customer explained: ‘I waited around three months for Access4Lofts to fit me in, but it was well worth the wait. The team were very polite and did an amazing job on my loft, making it so much better than I anticipated. I don’t really write many reviews, but I was so delighted with Access4Lofts that I wanted to pass that on.’

Reacting to Access4Lofts becoming our Trusted Trader of the Month for March, Which? Trusted Traders account manager Issy Player said: ‘Working with the Access4Lofts franchise network is a pleasure and I’m extremely pleased that Josh has won our Trader of the Month award.

‘Josh lives by the same values as Which? and has incorporated his endorsement into everything that the company does, ensuring that customer satisfaction is the number one priority. The support that Josh offers to his local community and charity is truly amazing. A well-deserved winner!’

Working with Rainbow Hub UK

For Josh, giving back to the community and local charities has always been extremely important. As a result, Access4Lofts Liverpool North works closely with Rainbow Hub UK, a group that provides therapeutic services for children and young people with physical disabilities.

Speaking about the company’s charity efforts, Josh told us: ‘I and two of my employees recently did a skydive to raise money for the charity. I personally raised £1,950 for the group, which I’m extremely proud of.

‘On top of this, for the third year running I have pledged to donate £2 to the charity for every job we carry out through the year. In 2020, we raised £1,000. Last year, we completed more than 600 jobs and donated £1,272.’

‘The coronavirus pandemic has hit the Rainbow Club (and lots of other charities) hard, so it’s important now more than ever that we do our bit. Access4Lofts Liverpool North will continue to participate in fundraising opportunities throughout 2022, on top of our £2-per-job pledge.’

Glowing feedback from our judging panel

The company’s ongoing charity work and positive customer reviews caught the attention of our judging panel.

One of our judges said: ‘We’ve seen some lovely feedback from Access4Lofts customers, and I really like the charity work aimed at helping Rainbow Hub UK. This is a company that’s very clearly connected with the local community.’

Another judge added: ‘Josh and the team are very passionate and engaged with the Which? Trusted Traders scheme. It’s great to see that they fundraise as well as donating money from each job.’

The power of the Which? Trusted Trader logo

By displaying the Which? Trusted Trader logo, companies prove to customers that they’re dealing with a professional, reputable business.

Josh told us: ‘Being able to say we are a Which? Trusted Trader has raised the company’s reputation further, which is why we proudly use and display the Trusted Trader logo wherever we can.

‘Showing our Trusted Trader certificate to every customer on our quote forms really impresses them and starts a conversation about the scheme, which is already well recognised. I feel confident that customers trust our brand when displaying our Which? Trusted Trader logo.‘

While reading through the company’s Trader of the Month application, we saw plenty of examples of the Trusted Trader logo being used to promote the business. Access4Lofts  displays the logo proudly in its magazine adverts and on social media. You’ll also spot the logo on the group’s vans and uniform.

Speaking on the benefits of showing off the Trusted Trader logo, Josh added: ‘We’ve had customers explain that, although we weren’t the cheapest quote they received, our Which? accreditation was a big factor in them deciding to use our services.

‘I would highly recommend that all traders consider signing up to Which? Trusted Trader scheme.’

Congratulations to Access4Lofts Liverpool North for winning the March 2022 Which? Trusted Trader of the Month award.

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