Thanks to gleaming customer feedback that compliments a knowledgeable, helpful service, Engine Carbon Clean East Midlands (F5ECC) has become October 2018 Which? Trusted trader of the month.

Serving the East Midlands in the UK as experts in diagnosing and restoring vehicle engine performance, Engine Carbon Clean East Midlands (F5ECC) covers Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Rutland, plus the north of Cambridgeshire. The company offers a variety of services managing any sized engine up to 100 litres, helping customers to get back on the road without hassle.

Over on the Which? Trusted trader website, Engine Carbon Clean East Midlands (F5ECC) has impressive five-star scores for service, quality and value, based on a selection of more than 50 reviews.

Customers have praised Adrian Charles, East Midlands agent for Engine Carbon Clean, for professional, detail-focused and speedy work.

We had a chat with Adrian to find out more about how customers value working with a company approved by the Which? Trusted Traders scheme. Adrian also talked to us about the importance of a positive company ethos. Keep scrolling for the details.

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Rewarding work

The Engine Carbon Clean mobile repair service works across the UK, but it’s the East Midlands team that caught the attention of the Which? Trusted trader judging panel this month.

Thanks to the work done by the dedicated engine experts, drivers can effectively deal with carbon build-up, which gathers over time and leads to vehicles becoming sluggish, noisy and poor on fuel economy. It can also cause wear and tear to other components, such as engine mounts, because of excessive engine shake.

Speaking on his time working for Engine Carbon Clean, Adrian told us: 'As part of this extended network, I have been on board the longest and helped shape it into what it is today – leading by example where I can.'

'Helping people each and every day gives you a warm feeling of doing right. Every day is a school day and there are always ways to improve, refine and become better. That drives us on. Do right by people and they trust you, come back for repeat business, tell their friends and leave you good feedback. Doing right by others is a key ethos for us and we stay dedicated to it.'

Valuing the Which? Trusted trader logo

Having been a part of the Which? Trusted Traders scheme for more than a year, Engine Carbon Clean East Midlands (F5ECC) has continually impressed customers with a can-do attitude.

Do customers appreciate the Which? Trusted trader badge? 'Absolutely', Adrian says. 'In fact, many of our customers will quote the fact that we are a Which? Trusted trader as the reason they chose us.'

He continues: 'Why wouldn’t you join the Which? Trusted Traders scheme? It shows people that you're doing the right thing. When they want the job doing properly (rather than just cheaply) then it's a wonderful endorsement.'

We asked Adrian what advice he would give to other traders considering getting involved with the scheme. He said: 'Do it, but only if you aspire to be the best, want to continuously improve and have an ethos that means you do right by people.'

'If you don’t operate in a proper manner, get your house in order first and then go for it. You have to be a trader that can be trusted in the first place.'

Many congratulations to our October 2018 Which? Trusted trader of the month, Engine Carbon Clean East Midlands (F5ECC).

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