Purdie Worldwide Removals & Storage Limited has been named Which? Trusted Trader of the Month for October 2021. This independent, Blackburn-based company has received plenty of positive customer feedback, developed an innovative app, and helped its local community.

We caught up with Mark Scoular, marketing and business development manager of Purdie Worldwide Removals & Storage Limited , to find out more about the company’s journey and the benefits of being a Which? Trusted Trader.

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More than 60 years of experience


Purdie Worldwide history started its journey nearly 60 years ago as a small family business. It’s now the biggest removal and storage company in central Scotland.

Matt Purdie was a coal merchant. He was often being asked to help move furniture when locals were moving house – and saw the business potential. Matt bought his first removal truck in the early 60s, creating Matt Purdie & Sons. 

Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength, becoming a leading furniture and removal company and winning the British Association of Removers (BAR) Mover of the Year award in 2010.

In 2015, as the company operated regular trips across the continent, it developed into a leading global logistocs specaliist and its name changed to Purdie Worldwide Removals & Storage Limited. 

Driving customer service with a brand-new app

Since those early days, dedication to customer service has been top on Mark’s agenda, with the company constantly finding new ways to meet customers’ needs. 

When the pandemic hit, Purdie Worldwide innovated to improve its offering. It developed a brand-new app, offering a seamless journey for customers with busy lifestyles and differing needs.

The new app allows the team to keep in contact with clients almost 24/7 via text, and it contains plenty of guides and videos. It also helps existing customers to view invoices, pay bills and purchase packing materials.

The app was designed for traditional home movers as well as commercial movers, and anyone wishing to ship goods abroad or within the UK.

Sarah-Jane Tedd, Which? Trusted Traders account manager, said: ‘I'm so pleased for Mark and the team at Purdie Worldwide for winning Trader of the Month. The app they've developed is the first of its kind and will set them apart in terms of customer service, and their work in the community really shows how much they care. Congratulations!’

Charity work in their DNA

The judges praised Purdie Worldwide’s efforts to help and support its local community, in addition to offering impressive customer service and high-quality work.

Purdie Worldwide  is deeply rooted in, and proud of, its Blackburn heritage. As part of its charity work, it’s sponsored a group of weekly litter pickers with high-visibility vests. ‘Helping keep Blackburn clean is the very least we can do, and by ensuring several members of our own staff join in on these litter picks, we hope we’ll encourage others to be more mindful of their waste.’

The company’s other charity work has focused on sports. Being connected with its community, it has sponsored its local football team (one senior and two juniors sides). The senior side has since progressed to the Scottish Cup 1st round for the first time in its history!

Which? Trusted Trader status gives customers assurance and certainty

Purdie Worldwide is proud to be a Trusted Trader, and it shows. Staff display the iconic Trusted Trader logo everywhere they can. All Purdie Worldwide vans have at least two Trusted Trader logos. And the Trusted Trader logo features on Purdie Worldwide quotes and invoices, social media pages and uniforms: the T-shirts, sweatshirts and even the jackets.

Reflecting on the importance of being a Trusted Trader, Mark told us: ‘As the population gets more safety conscious (post-Covid), everyone is going to be double checking everything. Therefore, being listed on the best review site, and have more reviews than your competition, speaks volumes when a customer is comparing you against a competitor.’

For anyone considering joining the Trusted Trader scheme, Mark explained: ‘After adding in our Trusted Trader widget to our homepage, we saw one in eight people click through to look at our reviews. Almost every single one of the people who clicked through returned to our site to fill out a form’.

Apart from the increase of nearly 13% in people booking through their website, another main advantage is that ‘on the likes of Google anyone can post a review, even if they’re not a customer. At Which? you have to enter an invoice number or similar, which is then checked, so customers know the reviews on Trusted Trader are genuine.’


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