Which? Trusted Traders is an endorsement scheme that recognises trustworthy traders. Businesses that pass our rigorous assessment can go on to display our iconic badge and demonstrate to consumers that they have met our high standards.

Which? understands the importance of having a trader that you can trust to work in your home. By choosing a Renewable company that is endorsed by Which? Trusted Traders you can be confident that you are working with a reliable and trustworthy business that has been rigorously vetted by a team of industry standard professionals.

What you can expect from the Renewable Companies we endorse:

  • Only undertake work that they are competent to do
  • Provide their customers with a clear breakdown of how much the job will cost before any commitment is made
  • Endeavour to stick to the agreed timeline and cost
  • Provide customers with an updated quote should any changes to the initial agreement be made
  • Protect deposits over £500
  • Be open and approachable with any queries
  • Treat customers’ homes with respect

 The following practices are not accepted by Which? Trusted Traders:

  • Large deposit taken with no means of protection
  • Doorstep sales or cold calling
  • Poor after sales service and no way to raise complaints
  • Poor workmanship or poor product
  • Delays to work starting and while work is being undertaken
  • Lack of communication
  • Pressure selling and not offering the right to cancel within 14 days
  • Lack of care for consumer’s property - such as leaving a mess, not covering floors, spilling plaster, messy driveways etc

Next we explore why choosing a Which? Trusted Trader can give you extra peace of mind.

Raising standards

Which? has been the UK’s consumer champion for more than 60 years. We exist to make life simpler, fairer and safer for everyone. Through our rigorous testing and thorough vetting process we are raising industry standards so that customers feel reassured and confident in choosing a product or service that has been endorsed by Which?.

Which?’s rigorous vetting process

Prospective traders go through a rigorous four-step process before they can become endorsed as a Which? Trusted Trader:

Step 1 - Application & Eligibility Traders must pass our initial criteria for the scheme, which includes answering preliminary questions and providing all necessary information and documents for approval.

Step 2 - Initial Assessment One of our experienced team will call the trader to discuss their application in more detail, and we will run a credit check to look at the business’ financial health, check its trading history and run background checks.

Step 3 - The Assessor Visit One of our trading standards assessors will visit the trader’s premises for a face-to-face assessment to ensure the trader meets our standards within the glass and glazing industry . We want to be certain that the trader is competent to carry out the work we endorse them for, and also meets consumer law requirements and understands their obligations under the Consumer Rights Act.

Step 4 - Post Assessment Customer references are checked on every trader’s application, their insurances are validated and a DBS certificate is required. We give traders 30 days to complete any ‘actions’ that we feel need to be resolved before we are happy to proceed. Once the criteria has been met, a senior member of our assessment team will sign off the application and the trader can join the scheme.

Ongoing assessments to prevent consumer detriment

Which? is the consumer's champion, and reducing customer detriment is our number one priority. All of the traders we work with have undergone a strict assessment process in order to become endorsed, but our standards don’t stop there.

We continuously monitor and undertake ongoing assessments that check a traders’ insurance, criminal record (DBS), complaints handling, credit, company details and wider business intelligence. All of our assessors are former Trading Standards Officers who are passionate about keeping our standards at the highest possible level.

One of the reasons Which? Trusted Traders was created was to raise industry standards, which is why we have established partnerships with leading industry trade bodies such as RECC

 Here’s what our Head Assessor Phil Thomas has to say about his role at Which? Trusted Traders: “As a Trading Standards Officer I have spent my whole career  protecting consumers, so I am pleased to be able to use my skills and experience to continue to reduce consumer detriment. Which?, as you would expect, does it properly, which is why I work for them. I am proud of the traders we have in our scheme and that we are making a massive contribution to reducing consumer detriment”.

Do you know a reliable trader? Recommend them to us and if they get endorsed we'll reward you with £40 worth of vouchers.


Work to a code of conduct

Our strict code of conduct is what helps to differentiate the businesses we work with from their competitors. The code of conduct sets out the standards that we expect traders on the scheme to maintain, and is designed to ensure that all endorsed traders are following the best possible business practices for the benefit of consumers.

Our high standards help offer consumers an extra layer of security and reassurance that endorsed traders are adhering to the rules and guidance offered by Which?. Beyond this, we also expect all traders to work in an honest, trustworthy and fair manner.

We review and update the code of conduct regularly to ensure it remains relevant and up-to-date with any changes in legislation or the scheme itself. We aim to provide clear guidance on the standards and approach for each of the businesses that we endorse.

Moderated customer reviews

Researching a company and reading their reviews will offer valuable guidance as to whether they are the right company for the job. It can be hard to know whether a review is genuine or not, which is why you should use a trusted website.

At Which? Trusted Traders we pride ourselves on moderating 100% of our reviews.  We have a dedicated team who are committed to checking the authenticity of each review we receive. This can involve checking IP addresses, speaking to the reviewer on the phone and requesting documents relating to the work, such as proof of purchase. We also ensure that  customers have not been pressured or influenced in any way to leave the review.

Our process helps to protect the businesses we work with from fake reviews, and ensures that the review is a genuine account of the customers experience. This allows customers to make informed decisions from feedback that they can trust.

Access to a Alternative Dispute Resolution

Which? Trusted Traders recognises how important it is for consumers to have that extra peace of mind when choosing a business to come into your home. Our endorsement requires traders to have a comprehensive complaints process in place, and that any issues are addressed in a timely manner, so they can be dealt with efficiently and effectively.

In instances where a complaint cannot be resolved, customers can escalate the complaint to the Dispute Resolution Ombudsman, an impartial and independent arbitrator who will make a ruling on the case and help you get to a resolution.

Do you know a reliable trader? Recommend them to us and if they get endorsed we'll reward you with £40 worth of vouchers.

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